Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Happy days

You may recall my 'Sunflowers' neckpiece and my contemplation on entering it in the Sydney Bead & Gem Competition?

Well, I entered...

And I am now a proud finalist in the Finished Jewellery category!


I am utterly delighted.

But with the delight comes some minor disappointment...I won't actually be able to attend the show in person. We are in Brisbane until Oct 16, so I will miss the entire Bead & Gem Show (and the opportunity of seeing my work on display with the best of them) by a measly four days.

Alas, it was not meant to be.

This is the first time I have put myself out into the public arena. What a thrill! But damn, it's terrifying. The fear of rejection, and of being 'judged', was almost enough to stop me from entering in the first place. But on the advice of the lovely and ever-sage Bianca, I donned my beaded armour and decided to just go for it.

And now I'm really glad that I did... :)


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