Friday, December 18, 2009

Earrings...and some beaded beads

Following are my first ever attempts at creating earrings. I don't know why I didn't make any sooner. Quick and easy, and requiring a minimum of materials, each pair was created in a few hours. Perfect for Christmas gifts :)

The bronze/turquoise pair was created with delicas, Czech fire-polished beads, copper daggers, and size 15 seed beads:

The turquoise pair was created with Czech seed beads in sizes 11, 8 and 6, Czech pressed glass leaves and a couple of turquoise stones. Not real turquoise, probably dyed howlite:

The purple earrings were created with purple AB crystal teardrops, delicas and size 15 seed beads:

And the back:

And just for fun, some beaded beads in crazy, bright colours. Can you tell I'm not afraid to use colour? LOL One day I'll learn how to tone it down ;-)

This photo taken in sunlight better shows the true colours of the beads. Vibrant, huh. I made up each bead as I went along, using cubic RAW, triangle weave, or a combination of both. These were so fun to make. And quick! Three hours of beadweaving produced the set of five, which I have collectively named 'The Moulin Rouge Collection' because the colours reminded me of those a cabaret dancer would wear! LOL :-)


Tis the season...for making beaded gifts!

This necklace is winging it's way to its new owner as we speak, just in time for Christmas. I have named her 'Angelus' which is Latin for 'angel'...the central motif looked angel-like to me:

It was frustratingly difficult to take a decent photo of this piece. The twisted hematite bugle beads are so sparkly in real life, as are the crystal AB rondelles. Anyway, you get the idea:

Detail of the central 'angel-like' motif:

I wanted the double-sided toggle clasp to reflect the rest of the necklace design. And this is what I came up with. What do you think, does it work?:

The whole design came together so quickly, starting with the central motif, as if by magic. Don't you love it when pieces work that way! :)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Lady Ferocia

Life will sometimes deal us a hand which is unfair, a hand that we do not deserve. It will put a mountain in our way and we are forced to climb it. A friend of my father was recently dealt such a hand, and so I wanted to make her something which would empower her during the difficult journey ahead. A symbolic shield, if you will.

'Lady Ferocia' is the necklace that resulted. A bead embroidered paua shell pendant hangs from a spiral rope of Czech seed beads and hex cut beads, in shades of blue iris and black.

'Ferocia' is Latin for 'courage' or 'high spirit'. It seemed an appropriate name, conjuring images of a brave and strong woman who can conquer the world.

Detail of the paua (pronounced 'power') shell pendant:

The reverse side of the pendant, backed with black felt:
And detail of the spiral rope. I love the rich, luxurious rope created with the blue iris seed beads and hex cut beads. It has a lovely weight to it:
Thanks for looking, and be well!