Sunday, December 6, 2009

Lady Ferocia

Life will sometimes deal us a hand which is unfair, a hand that we do not deserve. It will put a mountain in our way and we are forced to climb it. A friend of my father was recently dealt such a hand, and so I wanted to make her something which would empower her during the difficult journey ahead. A symbolic shield, if you will.

'Lady Ferocia' is the necklace that resulted. A bead embroidered paua shell pendant hangs from a spiral rope of Czech seed beads and hex cut beads, in shades of blue iris and black.

'Ferocia' is Latin for 'courage' or 'high spirit'. It seemed an appropriate name, conjuring images of a brave and strong woman who can conquer the world.

Detail of the paua (pronounced 'power') shell pendant:

The reverse side of the pendant, backed with black felt:
And detail of the spiral rope. I love the rich, luxurious rope created with the blue iris seed beads and hex cut beads. It has a lovely weight to it:
Thanks for looking, and be well!


  1. Yes life deals us blows, but the universe is never against us and puts people like you on our path, Belinda. This is a beautiful piece, the thought and concept are perfect so are the colours. A shield.

    Be well, be happy, that is all we can do.

  2. Schux, thanks B. It's a small token really, but heartfelt. We all need support and a helping hand at some point, or just to know that someone is thinking of us :)


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