Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Vintage Rose

Time to learn something new...and beaded beads took my fancy this week. Easy peasy and oh-so-quick, I think I'm fast becoming addicted. Instant gratification seems to be my thing lately! :-)

These beads are made with a very simple RAW cube base which is then embellished. I wondered what I could do with the sample principles learned, but in the flat rather than in the round, and this pendant was the result.

I made up the pendant as I went along (the story of my beady life, eh!) I'm not sure what stitches I used, perhaps netting? Never having done netting before, I can't say for sure. Feel free to inform this clueless beader!

The large round beads are unakite (a difficult colour to match...but opaque olive and rose-lined clear seed beads seemed to look ok). Throw in a few large etched glass rondelles, a sprinkling of olive crystal bicones, and you have my 'Vintage Rose'.

I may actually wear this piece myself, instead of giving it away or throwing it in a box under my beading desk... *gasp*


  1. Beautiful necklace!! The colors are so soft and dreamy.

  2. Thank you GG! I wore it out the other day and it was so comfortable that I forgot I had it on :-)

  3. I'd be delighted for you throw this one MY way! It is incredibly beautiful!

    Ruth Ann


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