Friday, December 31, 2010


There is something special about the first day of the new year.

There is the hope,

and the anticipation,

that the new year will be better,




than the year gone by.

There is the shedding of what was,

the contemplation of what could have been,

and there is the promise of what will be...

There are the resolutions,

to be better,

to be healthier,

to be happier,

to do more and to be more.

What are your hopes for this year?

What are your resolutions for this year?

My resolution is simple.

To stop living in The Waiting Place*

To stop waiting for the right time,

the best time,

for more time.

To just start...




Time waiting is time wasted!

I'm starting NOW!


For you, my friends,

I wish that the new year brings you

everything that you need,

everything that you desire,

and everything that makes your heart sing!

*The phrase "The Waiting Place" comes from the childrens book 'Oh, The Places You'll Go!' by Dr Seuss!  Clearly, I don't read enough adult literature these days!! ;-)  LOL

Thursday, December 30, 2010

The *Earth Mother* Necklace

A gift,

wrought of silver and stone...

An ode to Mother Earth,

for an Earth Mother...

The back of the cabochon was too beautiful to cover.

The essence of Mother Earth,

captured in stone...

So I learnt a new technique*,

to let her shine,

to let her breathe.

She is held by a whisper of silver...

A drop of natural faceted chalcedony,

magnificently milky....

...and faceted aquamarines twinkle above her,

like stars on a cloudless night...

An Earth Mother necklace...

...for my very own Earth Mother.

Merry Christmas, Mum.


*I taught myself how to create step bezel.  Rather than create a bezel using sheet metal which covers the entire back of the cabochon, I used heavy gauge wire to create a 'step' inside the bezel.  The wire is just enough to hold the stone securely, but thin enough to expose the maximum amount of stone.  Sheesh, it sounds simple when I say it like that! LOL  But to get a snug fit was, well, HOURS of work!!

Oh, and eight soldering joins went into the creation of this necklace! <:-)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Just right...

We have a wee tree this year...

It is just the right size for the wee people in the house...

...just the right size for decorating...

(and decorating *must* be done in pyjamas, don't you know!)

...just the right size for playing...

...just the right size for sharing...

...and it contains just the right amount of soil in the pot to make a beautiful mess on the floor!

Thankfully Mummy has just the right amount of patience to clean it up ;-)


Wherever you are in the world,
I wish you and your loved ones a wonderful, magical holiday season.
Be merry, be happy, stay safe!

May the new year bring you happiness,
good health,
and many reasons to smile.

Thank you for your support and love in 2010.
I cannot wait to continue this amazing journey with you all in 2011!

With much love,

P.S.  No Christmas trees were harmed in the making of this story ;-)

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Something different,

something simple...

(cream coloured ceramic cabochon from Peruzi)

Sometimes the simplest ring can have the loudest voice...

(constructed of sterling and fine silver)

There is a purity in simplicity,

and a timelessness...

(a little sterling silver hallmark)

It was a welcome diversion to create with a neutral palette,

to confine myself to simplicity.

But you know I can't live without my beloved colours for long ;-)

So now my workbench is overflowing with turquoise and cobalt and delicious citrus inspiration...

...oh, and oodles of satiny silver!
(I have been soldering up a storm this weekend!)

More Moroccan-inspired, colourful creations coming soon!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Red and Green

Mother Nature knows how to dress for Christmas.

Her reds are the sweetest scarlet,

fiery and festive...

...waiting to bloom, a blush of crimson...

Her greens are lush and verdant...

(and isn't cypress just the scent of Christmas!)

textural, tactile...

...perfectly draped...

She wears baubles of red...

...and bells of white...

She leaves seasonal treasures to delight...

waiting to be found...

...and brought home...

A wander through the garden has me feeling fine and festive!


What are you wishing for this Christmas?

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sneak Preview: The *Safi* Earrings in Turquoise

May I present the latest pair of earrings from my *Moroccan Odyssey* Collection...

The *Safi* Earrings in Turquoise

Moroccan-inspired motifs in shades of yummy turquoise,

complimented by some impossibly delicious cobalt chalcedony briolettes...
(these babies absolutely *glow*!)

Turquoise and cobalt were just made for each other!


I'm starting to have a nice little collection of *Safi* Earrings...

they look so cheerful hanging out together...

Nothing like a dash of colour to brighten your day,

and make you feel great!

May your day be filled with glorious colour, my friends! :-)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Craving Cranberry

It has been such a long time since I curated a treasury...

I had forgotten how much fun it is!

So here is my latest,

featuring yummy shades of festive cranberry.

I think this is my favourite colour of the season!


'Craving Cranberry' by belindasaville

The warmest hues of red, perfect for the holiday season!


















There are so many amazing creations on Etsy,

and I was hoping that my own little corner of Etsy would be up and running before the year is out.

Alas, life has been crazy and unpredictable this year!

So my new goal is to have my shop launching in 2011.

It's a little extra time to make sure everything is just right :-)


What is your favourite colour this festive season?