Friday, December 31, 2010


There is something special about the first day of the new year.

There is the hope,

and the anticipation,

that the new year will be better,




than the year gone by.

There is the shedding of what was,

the contemplation of what could have been,

and there is the promise of what will be...

There are the resolutions,

to be better,

to be healthier,

to be happier,

to do more and to be more.

What are your hopes for this year?

What are your resolutions for this year?

My resolution is simple.

To stop living in The Waiting Place*

To stop waiting for the right time,

the best time,

for more time.

To just start...




Time waiting is time wasted!

I'm starting NOW!


For you, my friends,

I wish that the new year brings you

everything that you need,

everything that you desire,

and everything that makes your heart sing!

*The phrase "The Waiting Place" comes from the childrens book 'Oh, The Places You'll Go!' by Dr Seuss!  Clearly, I don't read enough adult literature these days!! ;-)  LOL


  1. Happy New Year dear Belinda,

  2. Happy New Year, Belinda. I'm with you - let's start now. No more "waiting".


  3. Thanks B. I love this post. How true, waiting is wasting.
    Blessings to you

  4. Dear Belinda,May I wish you and your family a fantastic New Year with full of happiness and fun!
    Lots of love, Niki :)

  5. Well said! I love the resolution of yours. No false promises just the resolution to BE! Love and Hugs to you and your family B!

  6. Happy New Year
    Gorgeous photos, what an inspired thing to put on your blog. Thank You

  7. LOVE the "shedding" photo.

    I truly believe your year is going to be FANTASTIC!

  8. Such beautiful images! Seems like nature is in full bloom around there. Looks stunning. Enjoyed reading your post- a feel of rebirth, hope and spring !
    Happy New Year, Belinda! I hope all your wishes will come true in 2011!

  9. Thank you Kriszti, I wish you a happy new year too!

    I'm glad you're with me, more waiting! Happy new year, my friend -xo-

    Nicole, I've wasted plenty of time by waiting...waiting for the right time, or waiting for more time. I'm beginning to learn that time waits for no-one! So I just have to get on with it, just start. I truly hope that this year is wonderful for deserve it, my friend! -xo-

    Niki, I wish you and your family all the very best for the new year! :-)

    Love and hugs to you and your gorgeous family, Kristen! I hope that the new year continues to bring you many blessings -xo-

    Thank you Nita...I feel very positive about the new year. I'm looking forward to everything that 2011 has to offer! I hope that this year is great for you too :-)

    Thanks Lori, I'm really enjoying taking the camera with me everywhere now...I'm trying to slow down and enjoy the little details :-) I hope that 2011 is kind to you and your family...I wish you nothing but happiness!

    Yes Geanina, Mother Nature is certainly in full bloom around here! I'm endlessly inspired by her beauty :-) I think that 2011 will be a fantastic year for you, and I cannot wait to see what you create! -xo-

  10. Beautiful photos! And a great resolution, I often feel stuck in that "waiting" place too.

    My resolution is to free myself of my mean inner critic ... and to have more fun! ... "will I succeed? 98 and 3/4 per cent guaranteed" :)

  11. What a great resolution, Michele...silencing the inner critic is something that every artist struggles with (and even an artist of your immense talent!) Here's to less negativity and self-doubt, and more fun ;-)


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