Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Story telling...

I love telling a story with metal and stone...

...but I also love telling your story,

weaving your words into a tangible thread,

piece by piece,

moment by moment.

It always begins with an idea or two...
(or three...)

Design sketches
(initial design sketches)

...and ends with a meaningful, wearable tale...

Custom necklace and earring set

This set tells a story of old Serbia,

of churches rich with decoration and history,

ornate facades and masterful craftsmanship...

Custom necklace and earring set

Custom necklace and earring set

But it also tells a story of a daughter's love for her mother,

a bond all at once enduring and eternal...

Custom necklace and earring set

A gift,

a token...

Custom necklace and earring set

...a tribute to a woman admired and adored...

Custom necklace and earring set

To know that these pieces will be worn and loved by a wonderful woman

as she makes memories and enjoys moments,

and who will, 

in turn, 

add her own words to this story,

makes me very, very happy...



What is making you happy this week, my friends?

Sunday, August 14, 2011


~ a person who continually moves from place to place; a wanderer

The *Nomad* Ring

The nomad is about finding a path that is all her own...
She is a creature of distant places
and intrepid strides...

The *Nomad* Ring

Self-assured in her skin
she is unafraid to find her own way,
knowing that the open road is long 
and heavy with opportunity for the brave.

The *Nomad* Ring

She strides forth through life
fearless and free...
When others falter and stop to ask directions,
she forges onwards,
takes the lead,
embraces the unknown…

The *Nomad* Ring

She doesn't look back,
the steps taken are not retraced..
moving forward is the only way she knows.

The *Nomad* Ring

Some days she leads the pack,
sometimes she strays…
but she always goes her own way...

The *Nomad* Ring

The *Nomad* Ring
available here

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Backwards thinking...

I'm a backwards thinker.

I'm the sort of person who flips to the back of the magazine first,

and reads to the front.

I chop vegetables with a backwards motion.

And sometimes I even approach my jewellery designing with backwards thinking...

I start with something time-consuming and complicated...
The *Ocean's Keep* Ring

The *Ocean's Keep* Ring

The *Ocean's Keep* Ring

...and work backwards, simplifying the design...
Beachcomber Stacking Rings

Beachcomber Stacking Rings

Beachcomber Stacking Rings Trio

...and simplifying until it cannot be simplified any more...

The Seashell Studs

The Seashell Studs

The Seashell Studs

Are you a backwards thinker too?

Or do you start at the beginning and work forwards?


I've been sick for the past week

and without a voice for three days.



Being sick means I have to slow down,

and I'm not very good at slowing down.

The only good thing about being sick is that I've been able to watch TV
(which I rarely do...there are always far more interesting things to be doing)

and host my own Project Runway Australia episode-watching marathon.

I've only been recording episodes since the start of July.
(I told you I don't watch much TV!)

Not being capable of sitting still for long,

I managed to whip up these earrings when I was supposed to be resting...
(shhh, don't tell hubby!)

The *Autumn's Stars* Earrings

I love the edginess of the dark patina...

The *Autumn's Stars* Earrings

Isn't hessonite garnet just the *most* perfect shade of orange...

The *Autumn's Stars* Earrings

{ SOLD - Thank you! }


Be well, my friends!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The living is easy...

Gosh, I love camping.

After three days of camping on the South Coast of New South Wales this past weekend, I feel SO good...

SO relaxed,

SO rejuvenated,

SO inspired.

I may be a girly-girl on the outside,

but I sure have the heart of a tom boy :-)

Camping is SO me!

The drive south was exquisite...

The scenic road

...and we were blessed with a lovely campsite...

Our camp site

...the perfect spot to enjoy a little family time...

Family time

Eating corn chips by the fire

I can still smell the smoke of our campfire...


I spent time watching the flames flicking over the wood, embers flying up into the night sky...


There were plenty of walks...


...and space for running free...

Hide and seek

Winter's finest blossom was in full bloom - wattle trees were everywhere...

Wattle in full bloom

The afternoon light filled my soul to brimming...


...and the morning dew was divine...

Morning dew

I delighted in slowing down, appreciating the finer details...

Lovely lichen

Knotted and gnarled

All too soon it was time to pack our things and head back, though the journey home was just as beautiful...

The scenic drive home...

I foresee more camping on the horizon soon! :-)


How was your weekend, my friends?

I hope all is well and wonderful in your corner of the world!