Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The living is easy...

Gosh, I love camping.

After three days of camping on the South Coast of New South Wales this past weekend, I feel SO good...

SO relaxed,

SO rejuvenated,

SO inspired.

I may be a girly-girl on the outside,

but I sure have the heart of a tom boy :-)

Camping is SO me!

The drive south was exquisite...

The scenic road

...and we were blessed with a lovely campsite...

Our camp site

...the perfect spot to enjoy a little family time...

Family time

Eating corn chips by the fire

I can still smell the smoke of our campfire...


I spent time watching the flames flicking over the wood, embers flying up into the night sky...


There were plenty of walks...


...and space for running free...

Hide and seek

Winter's finest blossom was in full bloom - wattle trees were everywhere...

Wattle in full bloom

The afternoon light filled my soul to brimming...


...and the morning dew was divine...

Morning dew

I delighted in slowing down, appreciating the finer details...

Lovely lichen

Knotted and gnarled

All too soon it was time to pack our things and head back, though the journey home was just as beautiful...

The scenic drive home...

I foresee more camping on the horizon soon! :-)


How was your weekend, my friends?

I hope all is well and wonderful in your corner of the world!



  1. Ohh looks so peaceful B ~ I love campfires it reminds me of my childhood but can't think of one campsite that lets you light one now :(

  2. What fun, especially for the kids. Camping's not my favourite, but I do appreciate my bathroom a whole lot more afterwards!

  3. Beautiful family you have :) I'm not a big fan of camping (I need a bathroom too, and a good bed...) but I can understand why you like it- this place looks wonderful!

  4. It looks wonderful Belinda!! So nurturing to the soul :)

  5. Ahhh, camping, nature, fresh air, fire- you're speaking my language, Belinda! I haven't been camping in ages, but you've given me an idea :)

  6. OOOhhh what fun!!! The photos really show how beautiful your part of the world is.

  7. today, all is good in my corner of the world.

    just wanted to share: i'm now saying "fringe" instead of "bangs"....and i send you much love.


  8. Belinda, that looks so relaxing and I know you needed glad you had a good time. I am so looking forward to when we can get back to camping...there is something so peaceful and relaxing about it.

  9. Beautiful pictures Belinda, you've captured it all so perfectly. There's nothing like wide open spaces for children to run and explore:)

  10. Thank you, my friends...I do love sharing little snippets of our every day with you all :-) It was so wonderful to escape for a few is absolutely GREAT for the soul!


  11. Your blog is very beautiful
    Wish you many articles and new ideas to the Blog

  12. Your blog is very beautiful
    Wish you many articles and new ideas to the Blog

  13. I wish in life, I can visit and camp in places that?

  14. Thanks for sharing Belinda, it looks just wonderful, I bet the kids had a blast. Soon for me soon :)

    xo Ro


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