Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ridiculously excited...

...about this ring...
(I am enamoured with this combination of colours!)

Sterling silver, ruby, amethyst & apatite ring

Sterling silver, ruby, amethyst & apatite ring

Sterling silver, ruby, amethyst & apatite ring

Sterling silver, ruby, amethyst & apatite ring

...and about this...

Cerulean Sunset

...being published here...

(page 163, if you're curious...)

...and about going camping this weekend.

Fresh air,


bush walks,

Mother Nature in abundance...

does it get any better?



What are you excited about this week?

I hope your weekend is looking fine and fun!


  1. oooh Lovely work Belinda!! As usual!! Camping sounds like fun :) Haven't been since I was a teenager. Enjoy your weekend my dear :)

  2. Gorgeous color combination!
    Congratulations on getting published. That is wonderful news!

    Have fun camping :o) David and I was just talking about how long it has been since we went. I LOVE being outdoors!

  3. Congrats Belinda!!!! You truly are an amazing designer, and deserve every bit of recognition.
    Keep creating! I'm loving every bit of your pieces!

  4. Gorgeous ring - and how exciting to be in the FMG catalogue - I have held that book in my hands many times! You're famous!
    Enjoy the camping, hope the weather's kind to you.

  5. Congratulations! Have fun camping! Do you eat s'mores when you go camping in Australia? It's a tradition here. I sure could go for one ;-)

  6. Congratulations Kiddo. The ring is beautiful. I too am hitting the road this weekend, not camping though. You will have to read about it on my blog. LOL

  7. You should be excited on both counts! Wish we were going camping...soon, I hope! Have a great time.

  8. Have fun on your camping trip and a big CONGRATS on being featured in the Fire Mountain Catalog!!!

  9. Oh B congrats on both and camping sounds wonderful ~ there's nothing better than escaping from it all for a time and being closer to nature x♥

  10. Congratulations, Belinda!! That is fantastic news.
    You must be chuffed:) I hope you all had a wonderful time camping ~x~


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