Friday, July 1, 2011

A new chapter

This book of life certainly makes for an interesting read...

sometimes it is a mystery,

sometimes a romance ;-)

but always an adventure.

I think, if you can view life as a book,

know that the hard times are merely another chapter,

and that they WILL come to an end,

you can deal with whatever life throws at you.

It's just another chapter...

After a month-long absence, I am SO happy to be back with you.

I have missed you.

Thank you for every beautiful word you sent my way... were a shining light during some very dark days,

and for that, I am forever grateful.



So, where I am now?

I am 1,000 kilometres away,

beginning a new chapter :-)

Caring for two men who are near and dear while they battle a relentless beast
(cancer...chemotherapy...'nuff said)

The beat of life is finding a new rhythm, 

and I have begun to create once more.

It is a joy, a therapy and a release all rolled into one joyous bundle.

My new space is abundant with light...

Studio 1

Studio 3

I love that Mother Nature is just outside my window...

Studio 6

When life is turned on its head, you tend to slow down,

take notice of the little details around you...

Studio 2

...and take great pleasure in the simple things...

Studio 4

My apprentice approves of the new space...

Studio 5

And hopefully one day soon he will tire of hiding my tools out the window :-)


My Etsy shop is now re-open for business.

I have decided to give my Muse free reign for now,

to create whatever her heart desires

rather than focusing on a new collection.

It's only fair,

I've kept her under lock and key for a whole month :-)


Thank you for still being here,

you are SO wonderful!

With love,

P.S.  What do you think of my new blog design?

I decided to go all minimalist...

simple is good :-)


  1. Dear Belinda, happy to hear from you again!!! I'm so sorry for what you are enduring and hope that creating helps you to keep the focus and the balance.
    I give you my best wishes to your men, and I hope you, together will be able to defeat the BIG C!!!
    P.S. I love your new blog design!!!

  2. Sorry to hear your loved onces are suffering but pleased to see you back here. Take care and BTW the blog does look lovely.

  3. The blog looks beautiful and it's wonderful to have you back. I hope that creating again offers you some reprieve from what must be a terribly stressful situation. Sending strength and best wishes to the men in your family fighting this horrible disease. Thinking of you x x

  4. Glad you are back, and your Muse is free :)
    All the best to you and your loved ones!

  5. New to your blog. Sending positive vibes to you and your family.

  6. Lovely to see you back here, Belinda! Sending all the best wishes to you and your loved ones.
    The blog looks fantastic - I love how you designed those link images on the right hand side :)
    Have a great weekend :)

  7. Nice to see you back again...I've missed reading your posts.
    Your new workspace looks great. It's so wonderful that you are creating again.
    I still have your parcel here too...I feel terrible I haven't sent it yet but promise it will eventually reach you.

    Karyn ♥

  8. Welcome back and best wishes to you and your loved ones that are suffering. I like your new blog design and your new work space, I know your muse is happy to be set free.

  9. Hugs and love to you, Belinda. I know your heart must be on overwhelm right now, but I hope this new space and your spirit guide you to create some beautiful new pieces. xoxo

  10. So glad to see you back...I am sure your men will do well in your hands as will your muse. Hugs,
    Sandi Oh, I love the new blog design.

  11. Hi B I am so happy to see that you are back. I think I can speak for everyone we have missed you. I am sorry about what you are experiencing. I am here if you need me.
    Oh and I do love the look of your blog.
    Big Hugs

  12. Hugs to you and welcome back! Your new work space and blog look beautiful! Michele x

  13. I'm so pleased you're back, Belinda. And I love the blog banner - simple but extremely effective.
    What a tough month you've had. I hope you can get a little time for you too. Your little helper is the cutest:) Have a lovely week ahead ~x~

  14. I'm thinking of you -- sounds like you have a lot on your plate. And I love your new blog header!

  15. Thank you lovely ladies, it is SO wonderful to be back...I can't tell you how much I have missed you all!

    I'm slowing catching up with blog-reading too...I'm itching to find out what you have all been up to this past month :-)


  16. Love the new look and have been thinking of you so often but as you know life has a way of getting out of our hands for a bit. I send you all the love and support I can from deep in my heart. I know this is a hard time. I am always here for you!

  17. Welcome back Belinda, I'm sorry for your two men and I sending you the best wishes.
    The new look of blog is very nice, I like it!

  18. So glad to see you back, Belinda, though what a rough time you've had. Still, it's always wonderful to see your virtual face!

    P.S. LOVE the new design!


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