Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Pace of Nature

Adopt the pace of Nature
Her secret is patience

~Ralph Waldo Emerson~


Mother Nature knows that good things take time.
Her every action is thoughtful
and productive…
a perfectly orchestrated symphony of creation.

The *Pace of Nature* Necklace

She weaves every thread to a glorious whole
with a magic that is only possible
with time and temperance.

The *Pace of Nature* Necklace

She works with Time's hand,
not against it,
at a pace that is patient and deliberate,
wasting not action nor moment.

The *Pace of Nature* Necklace

Her masterpieces are crafted
with a tender hold,
coaxed piece by piece,
thread by thread,
moment by moment.

The *Pace of Nature* Necklace

There is no urgency,
no limit on time.
Growth takes as long as it takes,
life cannot be rushed...

The *Pace of Nature* Necklace

Slow down,
and entice life at a gentle pace,
with a peaceful soul
and a patient heart....


{ SOLD - thank you! x }


  1. A truly beautiful piece of work. I love the quote.

  2. The back is as beautiful as the front - loving the asymmetry too, really suits the piece. Bravo!

  3. A beautiful piece and beautiful words!

  4. I just saw this in your Etsy shop - it is gorgeous and your prose is perfect.

  5. Beautiful work B and really should someone be beautiful too?? ~ I mean to be talented and stunning is... well....not fair ;0) ♥

  6. Really lovely! Beautiful poem as well!

  7. This is gorgeous!! And the patience it must take to create such a perfect trailing cluster? You are a talented, beautiful and super patient lady!

  8. Wow!!!! This necklace is amazing!!!!! Very beautiful and i love your poem!!!!
    Kisses to you talented lady!!!
    p.m: i loved your previous post!!! So much love and beauty in these photos!!!
    Blessings to you!! Hugs!!!

  9. Uhooi,,
    Wow,, This necklace is a nice, beautiful and creative,,

  10. It's beautiful, Belinda:) And the sentiment behind it is just perfect.

  11. Beatiful Belinda. I am really adoring the stampings you are incorporating into your pieces - it gives them a personal touch. Stunning.

    Karyn ♥

  12. Gorgeous Belinda, spesh love the angle you have it hanging from!

  13. Oh gosh, you are all just too wonderful! It is always such a pleasure to share my work with you and receive this amazing support in return...I am SO grateful for each and every one of you :-)



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