Monday, July 25, 2011

The Ocean's Keep

Cast your soul to the ocean…

The *Ocean's Keep* Ring

Let her waves wash over you,
and caress the worries from your brow.
She has a salty salve to heal your heart,
and gentle arms of froth and light
to cleanse,
to clarify,
to purify...

The *Ocean's Keep* Ring

Let her tides take the sorrows from your spirit…
surrender to her ebb as she gathers up your woes,
embrace her flow as she bears you peace and plenty.

The *Ocean's Keep* Ring

Let her winds fill your sails to brimming...
submit as she carries you forth,
takes you away,
pushes you ever forward on this journey of life.

The *Ocean's Keep* Ring

And when your spirit is round and refreshed,
walk upon her sandy shore,
yet lifted...
feel your soul nourished and full.
Leave your troubles with the ocean's keep,
and carry her riches in your heart.

The *Ocean's Keep* Ring

The Ocean's Keep Ring
Sterling silver, 9 carat gold, chrysocolla

If she needs to belong to you, you can find her here

P.S.  Words cannot express how much I am grateful for all of your gracious comments on my last post.  I feel blessed that I can take you along on this journey as I chase my dreams! 


  1. love it Belinda!!

    and you are sooo gorgeous!!! :D

  2. Beautiful, Belinda! Love the new design :)

  3. Belinda the poetry of your life blesses me beyond what you can know. Every expression shows in your beautiful art.

  4. Wow Belinda this is a beautiful ring,i like it.... so beautiful stone, you are a great artist, kisses Andrea

  5. GORGEOUS, Belinda! I'm especially taken with the long shape!

  6. Oh Jenny, you're making me blush! Well, speaking of gorgeous, you can come and model for me anytime ;-) -xo-

    Thank you Ivy! I'm enjoying add a touch of gold to my designs...though I think I love it a little TOO much, because I find myself wanting to add gold to everything! LOL -xo-

    Ah Nicole, my friend, you always know how to lift my spirit with your words :-) I have missed you! I will send you a message soon so we can catch up -xo-

    Andrea, I adore reminds me of the most perfect blue-green sea you can imagine! Thank you for your kind words, as always -xo-

    Brandi, I think long oval-shaped ring are the most flattering shape to wear on your hand! I seem to use ovals and circles in my work more than any other shape :-)

    Thank you Heroilda! :-)))

  7. Csodálom a munkáidat, mind más és mind Belindás...

    Ha jól értem kisbabád van.
    A Jó Isten éltesse, kívánok napsütéses boldog Anyaságot...


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