Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Celebrating Two...

We've come a long way, you and I...

Jett - 7 days old

I have watched two years of moments 
transform you,
shape you...
watched you grow,
and learn,
and thrive...

Jett's 2nd birthday

I have watched you find your feet to walk,
then run,
as they carry you into a new world which is opening up before you every single day...

Jett's 2nd birthday

I have laughed to tears along with you...
your laugh is hands down the best in the world,
the whole world.
Hands down...

Jett's 2nd birthday

I have felt my heart melt and my soul sing...

Jett's 2nd birthday

...whenever you bless me with a kiss...

Jett's 2nd birthday

You are all things to me...
my headache,
my heartbeat...

Jett's 2nd birthday

And you will always be my baby...

Happy 2nd birthday, darling boy.

Forever and always,



  1. This is the most precious post I have read. Happy birthday to your baby boy and happy life to you dear friend.

  2. Awwww :) So touching! :) Happy birthday, little boy! I wish a life full of happiness and joy to all your family :)

  3. Sweet! Happy day, Jett! Happy day, Belinda!
    Enjoy the day.

  4. awwwwww! how sweet! happy birthday to your little boy!
    Have a fab week, Belinda!

  5. Hi Belinda, what a precious boy & Happy Birthday, there is nothing that can touch the feeling of love & joy more than the love and joy of your children!

    take care & have a wonderful day ttfn Lana :)

  6. i have a little boy.... these photos and these sweet and precious words have moved me ... thanks!

  7. Ahhh he's precious... Happy Birthday!

  8. OH! So sweet -- and I just adore his hair!

  9. That was just the most adorable post.
    What a cute little guy.
    I hope he had a fun day:)

  10. Absolutely beautiful post Belinda - the pictures are awesome...I especially love the 3rd picture down....so, so sweet.

  11. Thank you for the birthday wishes for our little guy...he had a fabulous day and was just a little bit spoilt ;-) -xxx-

  12. Gosh, that's gone fast! Happy birthday little man, keep up the kisses, there is nothing in the world as sweet as two yr old kisses. x x


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