Sunday, July 17, 2011

Dream On...

My Grandpa (88 years and counting) has shared this journey with me from the beginning...

Sterling Silver and Twilight Topaz Ring

He watches me walk past his room every night as I carry my freshly soldered creations from my studio to the kitchen for pickling...

He lies in his bed listening to me hammering and sawing and sanding...

He asks questions, shows a quiet interest in my processes...

And the other day, he reminded me just how long I have been dreaming this dream...

Sterling Silver and Twilight Topaz Ring

He recalled taking me along to the local technical college as a wide-eyed 16 year old, hoping to sign up for a jewellery course...

He recalled the woman behind the desk wanting to sign me up for a very expensive five year course...

He recalled that I signed up for the very cheap four week course instead.

He recalled taking me along to the local hardware store, and helping me buy the tools for my short course...

needle files, wet & dry paper, saw blades, drill bits...
(would you believe I use those same needle files today...!)

Sterling Silver and Twilight Topaz Ring

Then Grandpa said to me,

'There's a lot of years between then and now.  Since then you've worked, gotten married, had two children...and now you're doing it, what you wanted to do all those years ago.

So, were you thinking about doing this all that time?'

Well, yes Grandpa, I was...

Sterling Silver and Twilight Topaz Ring

14 years of dreaming and hoping and wanting...

wishing and craving and imagining...

Sterling Silver and Twilight Topaz Ring

Do dreams come true?

Why, yes...


I believe indeed they do :-)


  1. Beautiful words Belinda...x

  2. Beautiful indeed :) What a beautiful story Belinda, and I cannot wait until I am wearing that beauty on my finger!

  3. You bought a tear to my eye reading this,Belinda...I am so glad you followed your dreams. xx

  4. What a touching story, thank you for sharing your dream and the beautiful ring you created.

  5. You're a great story teller, Belinda! Loved reading the article - so full of emotion!!
    WELL DONE for your achievements so far and I hope the future brings even more wonderful things to you :)
    The ring is just breathtaking!That peach coloured stone looks delicious. Is it topaz?
    Have a fab weekend,
    Geanina :)

  6. Oh B thats a lovely story ~ i found jewellery making quite by accident but an accident that fits like a glove ~ sometimes we don't even know what our dreams are ~ you my friend were born to this ♥

  7. Loved your story, dreams do come true with time and perseverance. Hope my story will just as successful as you!

  8. I wish I had followed my dream from the beginning as you did, but do you know what? That as you did, I got married and had two children, but it is now that I have started to work after that dream I had 15 years ago.
    I know I haven't wasted my time, as I have learned and achieved many things in life, but somehow it feels I have wasted very precious time on the learning process of becoming what I really wanted to be; a jeweller crafter.

  9. Your grandpa sounds like a special man!

  10. I am so glad you are with your grandpa. I know how much he means to you. The dream of dreams and look what you create.

  11. And as you know we are all the better for knowing you and watching you live your dream. Kiss that grandpa of yours!

  12. Thank you so much for sharing that. It made me all teary eyed. Your grandpa is a wonderful man!

  13. A dream of mine also but your story is so eloquently put. Such wonderful memories for you and your grandpa - thanks for sharing. I hope all is going well!

  14. That is such a beautiful story, Belinda. And how lucky to have your grandpa there with you. Dreams can come true! The ring is delicate and perfect:)

  15. I love you. :) ♥

    And your grandpa. Give him a good old smacker on the cheek from me, will ya?

    And me... I'm still dreaming.

  16. Stunning work. Your love of making jewelry shows in your creations.

    Great story to go with the beauty.

  17. I wish I had of known of silversmithing many years ago when I started in the hobby world....when I had all the time and not too much responsibility. But it's better late than never. Thanks for sharing your story, Sounds like you have an awesome g'pa! x


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