Thursday, August 11, 2011

Backwards thinking...

I'm a backwards thinker.

I'm the sort of person who flips to the back of the magazine first,

and reads to the front.

I chop vegetables with a backwards motion.

And sometimes I even approach my jewellery designing with backwards thinking...

I start with something time-consuming and complicated...
The *Ocean's Keep* Ring

The *Ocean's Keep* Ring

The *Ocean's Keep* Ring

...and work backwards, simplifying the design...
Beachcomber Stacking Rings

Beachcomber Stacking Rings

Beachcomber Stacking Rings Trio

...and simplifying until it cannot be simplified any more...

The Seashell Studs

The Seashell Studs

The Seashell Studs

Are you a backwards thinker too?

Or do you start at the beginning and work forwards?


I've been sick for the past week

and without a voice for three days.



Being sick means I have to slow down,

and I'm not very good at slowing down.

The only good thing about being sick is that I've been able to watch TV
(which I rarely do...there are always far more interesting things to be doing)

and host my own Project Runway Australia episode-watching marathon.

I've only been recording episodes since the start of July.
(I told you I don't watch much TV!)

Not being capable of sitting still for long,

I managed to whip up these earrings when I was supposed to be resting...
(shhh, don't tell hubby!)

The *Autumn's Stars* Earrings

I love the edginess of the dark patina...

The *Autumn's Stars* Earrings

Isn't hessonite garnet just the *most* perfect shade of orange...

The *Autumn's Stars* Earrings

{ SOLD - Thank you! }


Be well, my friends!


  1. Oh Belinda - they are all beautiful :) I love the stacking rings especially, and those cute little earrings are to die for!
    I hope you are feeling much better - just think of the rolling mill, I'm sure that will make you feel better!

  2. I had never thought about working backwards but what an amazing job you did with it...all the way down to those tiny swirl them all. Hope you are feeling better and I hope all is well with your other charges. Take care of yourself.

  3. Gorgeous work, Belinda--I really love the way you took the elements from the big ring and simplified it down into other designs. I do that too sometimes. And I love the earrings with the stars! Hope you feel better and your voice returns soon :)

  4. I love each and every piece you have made back wards or not. LOL sorry you are sick but how can anyone pass up project runway?

    Get well sending healing energy your way.

  5. Oh Belinda,so gorgeous works,i like the ring with 3 points, this are three rings or one? All this piece so amazing, you are a great artist, i send you a lot of energie.... hugs and kisses Andrea

  6. Belinda, hope you are feeling much better! Love the new pieces! Seems working backwards work well for you. Evie

  7. Hope you're feeling much better today! Love!that ring trio set! It's gorgeous :)

  8. hope you are feeling better!

    am loving your seashell series.
    also loving the hessonite/star earrings! am so sorry i missed them: they were snapped up QUICKLY!

    shall be waiting and watching....with love....

  9. Beautiful works of art! Love those star earrings! :)

  10. Belinda, I am a backward person too...I sometimes try to restrain myself from reading the last page of a book I have in my hands before even reading the first page.
    And I always read magazines from the last page!lol
    Oh! and I love all these new pieces :)


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