Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Oh, tourmaline...

"When one's emotional experience is defined by the rising and ebbing tides of the events of life, happiness is often short-lived.  However, Watermelon Tourmaline teaches one the meaning of joy - that unbounded happiness is not caused by any external circumstance but is instead the natural condition of being."

from "The Book of Stones" by Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian

No wonder I love this gem so much.

I'm addicted to Watermelon Tourmaline...

it soothes my soul and makes my heart happy, 

and it's ever-so-pretty to look at :-)

I wear my own set of rose cut watermelon tourmaline stacking rings all the time...

Watermelon Tourmaline stacking rings

And you have kept me busy creating your own beautiful, unique ring sets too!

Watermelon Tourmaline Stacking Rings

Watermelon Tourmaline Stacking Rings

Watermelon Tourmaline Stacking Rings

Watermelon Tourmaline Stacking Rings

*le sigh*

I just want to wear them all at once...

Rose Cut Watermelon Tourmaline Stacking Rings

Almost too much loveliness to bear!

Though I started with 15 of these beauties...

Watermelon Tourmalines

there are six that remain should you wish to create your own unique set...

Watermelon Tourmalines 13 Jan

Available in my Etsy shop :-)


The past month has been occupied with:

selling a house,

daily visits to the hospital as somebody I love fights the battle of his life
(and I can say, unequivocally, that cancer of the brain is the MOST evil, heartbreaking, soul-destroying disease...),

starting school for the first time...

Indie's First Day at School
(despite never having spent a day away from me in her four short years, India has taken to school like a duck to water!  On her first day, there were no tears...until it was time to come home! LOL  My heart is absolutely bursting with pride for my beautiful little girl ♥),

seeing my work and words published here...
Bead Design Studio,

and restoring antique furniture.

There is a magic about breathing new life into something that is timeworn and unappreciated.

This sweet little antique corner table has beautiful bones and I fell in love the moment I saw her...

Antique Corner Table - Before
(and she cost me all of $12...!)

After many hours of laborious sanding and painting, sanding and painting, sanding and painting...
(did I mention there was lots of sanding and painting...?)

she has a new coat to wear and renewed personality that the years had stripped away...

Antique Corner Table - After





Next on the restoration list is an antique dresser...then two antique boudoir chairs...then the dining room table and chairs...then...then...then...

I think my newfound obsession stems from an unquenchable need to make something better, to heal what is broken...

...because, despite ever fibre of my being wanting to, I cannot make somebody better, I cannot heal their broken body.

It is a daily battle to understand and accept what it out of my hands...

I am trying hard to learn the lesson of watermelon tourmaline,

to not allow the ups and downs of life to dictate my happiness,

but rather, to find contentment in simply being...


With all of the above craziness occupying my every waking moment,

I completely overlooked the fact that February 1 was my first year anniversary on Etsy!

This call's for a celebration, lovely people... have made it an amazing, unforgettable, fun-filled first year... have allowed me to run my business self-sufficiently and to be completely self-funded, and I am grateful beyond words!

So stay tuned, I will dream up something special...

just for you :-)


  1. You are so lovely. I send you strength, Belinda.

  2. the rings are beautiful as is your little girl - hope she has a great year at school!
    im so glad my boys are back at school and we can have some sort of routine again!
    it must be so hard seeing your loved one in so much pain ((hugs))

  3. Beautiful post Belinda. Thinking of you x x

  4. Belinda
    Az ékszerek gyönyörűek, csodálatosak a kövek, minden varázslatos körülötted, mert annak látod, a szíveddel látod és küldöd mindenkinek.
    Gondolok Rád, és erőt kérek a megpróbáltatáshoz Istentől.

  5. You have had quite the month, Belinda.
    You did a fantastic job on the table, that's something I love
    doing too when I get a chance.
    And no tears on the first day. It gives me hope!! I'm dreading that first day. She looks beautiful.
    Here's to the next year on etsy- it will be even more special ~x~

  6. Belinda, those rings are stunning. Stunning!

    And such a full month for you - sending you positive vibes from the other side of the world.

  7. I so need to believe in the "lesson of the tourmaline" right now...thank you for posting it. Your rings are beautiful as is your sweet little girl....hang in there.

  8. I brag about knowing you, you know. :) I tell all my co-workers and friends and others all the time about this amazing, beautiful woman on the other side of the world, doing none less then heroic acts of love, on a daily basis. You are a Hero. And I am so very proud to know you and to call you my friend. Luv you to bits, darling.

    (And you can just make rings out of those remaining cabs and send them to me. For inspection of course.*cough*)

  9. Absolutely beautiful... Your words breathe life into everything you do and your beautiful soul shines through... Wow - thank you for sharing this!!!

  10. Belinda, your work is lovely, and if I had the money I would commission a ring with those remaining cabs.
    I sympathize completely with your brain cancer struggles. I lost a dear dear srtist friend to it seven years ago: but I also have a brother in law who has SUCCESSFULLY fought stage 3 brain cancer for nearly 8 years now. There is hope. Your loved one will be in my prayers.

    Table is a win, lovely.

  11. You have been SO busy! And I'm so sorry about your friend -- what an awful thing.


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