Thursday, December 25, 2008

Paradise in Purple (Heather's Garden)

I can finally post some photos of my latest creation. It was a hush-hush project, a Christmas present for my wonderful Mum :) And as she's my biggest fan, she's a frequent visitor to my blog (Hi Mum!) and I didn't want to spoil the surprise before Christmas.

So here it is...Paradise in Purple (Heather's Garden):

It is a bead embroidered choker-style necklace. Many, many hours work. It probably didn't help that I changed my mind at least three times during the process about what I was started as a collar, then became a pendant, and ended up being a choker in it's final manifestation. Nooo, I'm not indecisive...maybe...

It includes some flowers made with simple fringing, a scattering of peyote leaves, and many different types of beads...and even a few... *gasp* ...sequins! I can hear almost hear the beading purists hissing at that admission. I'm not a bead snob, I use whatever works. So bite me!

I wanted to add something to the ends of the ribbon...they looked rather sad in their unadorned state. A jumble of mauve seed beads did the trick. I'm pleased with their berry-like appearance.

I used cotton fabric for the backing as I think it adds something special to the piece. Why shouldn't the back look as good as the front! As recommended by the lovely and always knowledgeable Bianca, rather than gluing the fabric straight to a felt backing (as I did in 'Hope Has a Place'), I used a layer of fusible interfacing between the fabric and the felt. It worked a treat! The finish is much nicer and fraying is not a concern as the edges of the fabric were first folded over and ironed flat. I just love the mind-boggling range of beautiful fabrics available, so it's a thrill that I can use them to good effect in my bead embroidery creations.

I'm pleased to report that Mum loves her new necklace. So much so that she's going to eat, sleep and shower whilst wearing it :)


  1. That is quite a beautiful piece! I'll bet your mum just adores it :)

  2. I just knew that your Mum would love it, Belinda!!! It is just amazingly beautiful.

  3. Oh my! Belinda this piece is absolutely exquisite! For a moment I thought for sure I was gazing at a gorgeous submission to be featured in a publication. Your work is breathtaking and I'm with you, use what works - it's magical.

  4. Thanks Vampi! I'm very happy that Mum loves it...that's all that matters!

    Julz, thank you for stopping by and leaving such lovely comments :)

    Sharon, you're far too kind! I'm flattered by your words :) I don't know that it's worthy of a publication...I'm just happy that it made Mum's Christmas!

  5. What a knock-out piece! Bravo!!

  6. Hi, I'm Anna.
    I saw your works, you are very good artist, they are all absolutely wonderful!
    I decid of follow you.

  7. Oh my that is stunning, I bet you Mum was floored when she saw it!

  8. stunning piece!!! I love the colours!!! and I love the back and ribbon you used! gorgeous!!!

  9. Thank you, Triz! I'm happy with the end result and, more importantly, Mum loves it! :)

  10. Вещи,изготовленные Вашими руками - потрясающе красивы!!! Удачи Вам!


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