Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mother, Mother...

Here's a little something I whipped up for my lovely Mum as a gift for Mothers Day. Nothing says 'I love you' like some shiny new beads, thoughtfully and lovingly woven together! ;-)

I seem to have developed a new lust for herringbone stitch lately. As such, Mum's necklace is made almost entirely of tubular herringbone (and its variations) and simple fringing. Nothing too fancy, nor difficult, but it was a satisfying piece to put together.

And most importantly (and very much out of character for me!), it is actually WEARABLE! *gasp* I seem to have a penchant for making over-the-top, completely unwearable I'm rather chuffed that I managed to muster enough self-restraint to make something Mum can wear often. Yay me :-)

It is made of Czech and Japanese seedies (sizes 11 and 15) in muted tones of cream and pastel blue and hematite, Czech pressed leaves and rondelles, and some gorgeous Czech fire polished beads.

Here she is:

Detail of the floral centrepiece:

The floral clasp (I was rather pleased with how this turned out):

More detail of the clasp (can you tell I like it?):

My apologies for the el-crappo photos, but I'm without my usual light studio and digital SLR whiz-bang camera...and have to make do with our el-crappo happy-snap camera until we're home again *sigh* The photos don't do justice to the gorgeous Czech fire-polished beads, etc.

This necklace doesn't have a name as yet, and I'm stumped...any suggestions?


  1. Aaaaaah. That piece. That floral focal section. That clasp. You have done well, it is a magic composition and the clasp is fantastic in design. What a lovely gift, Belinda. It is made with love, you can tell. Love for beads and love for mum. All visible.

  2. This work is really gorgeous!!
    It is a beatiful gift for your mother!

  3. Wow, it's very nice necklace!!

  4. Thanks for the nice comments, B :) I'm glad that the thought behind this 'simple' necklace shows through.

    Thank you Anna and Alexandra! :-)

  5. Hello,

    Your work is wonderful, congratulations to you ..
    Loved your blog and your work ..
    Visit my blog and leave a comment ..

  6. Oh Belinda your gift for your Mum is beautiful! I'm sure she loves it. Hope you're feeling well and I imagine we're getting darn close to the "big day"! ;-D Good luck sweetie, you'll be in my thoughts and prayers♥

  7. sei bravissima, fai delle cose stupende!!!!!!

  8. Both of these necklaces are beautiful Belinda (this one and the one above) but I really like the colours in this one and the clasp is just perfect. I'm a big fan of herringbone too and I hear you on having a tendency to make over-the-top pieces lol - me too :D

  9. This necklace is so wonderful!!!!!! I love it.


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