Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sunshine, relaxation...and beading

Almost a month between posts?! Eep. Must be that darn time warp again...

The title of this post pretty much sums up my life for the next four weeks. How lucky am I!

Our little family has made the trek north to Queensland (the self-proclaimed 'Sunshine State') for the next four weeks while my husband completes his endorsement on a new jet for work. Not able to bear the thought of being away from our man for the whole time, India and I decided to tag along and treat ourselves to a mini holiday. After all, life will be once again very hectic in, oooh, about seven weeks time when the house will be once again resounding with the noises of a newborn babe.

I managed to find some self-restraint and only pack one shoebox full of beads for the four weeks. Yeah, laugh it up. You and I both know I'll never use that many beads in four weeks! But I girl can never be too prepared, right?

And of course, I may just happen to run out of a particular type/colour of bead whilst we're here. And that would warrant a visit to the bead shop, no? ;-)

So whilst I'm not to game to head to the beach in my bikini (the sight of my bare, 33 week pregnant belly is enough to scare young children and the elderly folk...not to mention bowl them over), I'm enjoying relaxing in the sunshine, putting up my weary feet (cankles, anyone?), and beading whenever I get a spare moment.

I whipped up a little somethin' for my Mum for Mothers Day...stay tuned, photos will be posted soon!

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