Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy days

It has been one of those happy, happy days today...

I was delighted to receive the news that my 'Symphonie de Tulipes' won the popular vote in the Dutch Spiral challenge on the Beading Forum.


This doesn't mean it is the best creation (how can there be a 'best' when each piece is beautiful and unique in it's own right?), nor the most technically challenging or well-crafted, nor the best suited to the theme. It just means that my peers like my work. One of those feel-good moments, to be sure.

Also, I passed my Boat Licence test this morning. So you can now address me as 'Skipper'. Heh ;-)

A typical sunset over the bay near home

Now, if only there were a way to combine beading and boating...


  1. Ahoi, skipper. Well done Belinda. I did my license many years ago, when the cygnus system was still part of the curriculum, groan. Good work, me mateys. I loved your Tulpen Symfonie (as it is translated in Dutch), the piece is gorgeous, the tulips are so tender in colour. Beautiful. I agree, there is no best in challenges, your piece touched something in the viewers.

  2. ahoy Belinda ... congrats on getting your boat license ... been meaning to go for mine at some stage, hubby would be extremely chuffed if I did that. And big congrats on winning the Seed Challenge with your absolutely gorgeous piece.

  3. Ahoy thar my Dutch friend! :) A boat licence is a handy thing to have. There is something infinitely calming about being out of the water. I'm sure I was an undine in a previous life :) Tulpen Symfonie...I like that. I should have asked you for the Dutch translation before I went and named it something French LOL

    Thanks Maryanne! You should definitely go and get your boat licence...not so much to please hubby, but to please yourself! It is quite a satisfying little achievement ;)

  4. Dear Belinda, congrats on your contest win! Your piece is amazing and deserved that! As to my Christmas Eve Necklace, I haven't published the full photo of it, just a detail i my monthly newsletter:

  5. Just stopping by to catch up sweet friend. Hope you're feeling well and looking forward to the approaching "big" day. Hugs♥


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