Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Branch of the Bodhi Tree

A beader can never have enough stitches in their beading arsenal. St Petersburg stitch was added to my cache this week, and it became an instant favourite. It works up very quickly and is easy to learn. Give it a try! The double version of the stitch reminded me of leaves, and so 'Branch of the Bodhi Tree' was born.

The Bodhi Tree was a large sacred fig tree under which Buddha sat and achieved enlightenment. (Incidentally, the term 'bodhi' also means enlightenment.)

The 'leaves' hang from twisted tubular herringbone ropes, separated by brass spacers

The St Petersburg 'leaves' are tipped with wooden rondelles

Detail of the St Petersburg 'leaves'

Detail of the clasp with a small St Petersburg 'leaf' and a brass Buddha charm

Thanks for looking, and may your day be enlightening! :-)


  1. A good idea to use the st.petersburg stitch. The necklace is very beautiful!

  2. That's gorgeous! St Petersburg stitch is a relatively new one one me, but lately I having been seeing lots of new ways to use it. Yours is one of my favourites!

  3. Thank you Eveline! I'm very happy to have the chance to bead again and share my work :)

    Aww thanks Sarah, what a kind thing for you to say :) It's a wonderfully versatile stitch, isn't it! I could see it had so many possibilities as soon as I started playing around with it. I hope you have fun experimenting with it too!

  4. Thank you Anna! I'm happy you like it :)

  5. Just so beautiful Belinda ... love everything about it. :)

  6. Olá

    que fantástica beleza !
    é uma peça maravilhosa!

  7. Obrigado, Flokinhos! (I hope that means 'thank you' in Portugese! LOL)

    Thank you Sharon, my friend :)

  8. Yes, that was perfect Portuguese Belinda! I'm impressed - you're speaking my second language now!

  9. Sharon, I always knew you were a woman of many talents ;-) hehe I wish I could say that I was fluent, but I must confess to having a little help from Google Translate! LOL

  10. Belinda, I love this pieces. Simplicity equals elegance.

  11. Thank you Nicole! I've only had time to make simple necklaces lately. I'm itching to start another big project though! If only there were more hours in the day... :)

  12. Oh I understand completely Belinda ~ I used to be fluent but the years have ticked by with no one to speak with and now even I use Google! LOL


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