Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sea glass pendant

It has been a long, long three months without my precious beads. How happy my hands were to rediscover beadweaving after such an arduous absence! Life is once again returning to a steady, familiar rhythm, and so I am able to bead. Joy!

My latest humble offering is pendant of sea glass hanging from a simple twisted tubular herringbone necklace.

Have you ever wandered along a beach and collected a piece of tumbled glass which has been washed upon the shore? It has been a favourite ritual of mine since I was a child. There is something enchanting about these remnants of times and places unknown, offered up by the sea and carved by Mother Nature. Not knowing where they have come from, nor how long they have been tumbled by the ocean, is an enticing mystery.

This particular piece of green sea glass had a story to tell and so I had to give her a fitting home in which to tell it.

I added a simple fringe, reminiscent of coral or seaweed.

I purposefully left the back of the pendant open. When backlit, the glass gives off a beautiful green glow.

A simple toggle with three square-stitched rings makes the length of the necklace adjustable.

I encased the sea glass with right angle weave and peyote stitch. The openness of the RAW lets the glass receive light from all angles.

My sea glass necklace is making it's way to a lovely lady who has been a family friend since I was a child. She is one of the most vibrant and generous people I have ever known, and her heart is as big as her smile :) She spent countless hours making a gorgeous cot quilt for my daughter and so I wanted to repay her with a small token of my gratitude. This particular piece of sea glass was found on the beach very near to her home, and so I feel it needs to be with her. I hope she likes it :)


  1. The Sea glass pendant is so beautiful!! I love pieces which tell us a story!

  2. Really stunning piece, you are very clever!

  3. When we were in Vanuatu a few years ago, I picked up seaglass created by 50 year old coca cola bottles, left behind by WWII troops. It is so soft, you can't go past seaglass.

    I am very happy seeing your work again, your presence was missed, Bins.

    This is very fresh and sea cucumber cool, perfect for a warm day. Nice work on the bezel, that is the only challenge with seaglass, freeform edges.

  4. Eveline, thank you! I too love pieces which tell a story :)

    Thank you Minky, I'm happy you like my work! :)

    B, I've missed being around! It's been hard to keep my creative side suppressed in order to get on with the everyday stuff. I feel somewhat lost when I don't have a creative outlet, if you know what I mean?

    50 year old sea glass would be amazing to work with, imagine the stories these pieces could tell! Have you included the sea glass from Vanuatu in any of your pieces, or are you still waiting for the right opportunity?

  5. Yes I made a piece with one piece, I have a few samples as well, one with a raw bezel funny enough.

    I know exactly what you mean, I'm a bit lost at the moment so I'm somewhat struggling with life without much creating.

  6. Oh I adore sea glass, always have, and what you created with this little gem is beautiful as always!!
    So happy to see you returning to what you love and I hope your newest journey was a success!
    Welcome back!♥


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