Monday, October 25, 2010

Sneak Preview: The *Safi* Earrings in Azure

I'm thrilled to be creating again...

It just feels...right :-)

So it is with much joy that I bring you the latest creation from my *Moroccan Odyssey* Collection...

The *Safi* Earrings in Azure

Inspired by the Moroccan city of Safi which is renowned for it's beautiful, colourful pottery...

Moroccan Pottery
Photo credit: Zaphgod

Who wouldn't be inspired by these exquisite colours!

Photo credit: Hypo Centre

These earrings feature my original beadwoven medallions in shades of cobalt, delicious mystic orange carnelian briolettes, and hand forged earwires...

All metal components are sterling silver, which I have patinated and brushed for an antique look...

Cobalt and orange are my favourite colours at the moment...I find them so uplifting!

But the *Safi* earrings are begging to be created in other colours too.  Stay tuned ;-)

What colours are you loving right now?


  1. These are gorgeous Belinda. Did you go the 'egg route' for the patina, or did you use something else?

    Looking forward to seeing them in more colour combos. My fav at the moment is light and dark turquoise (or teal) with a dash of red.

  2. Wow.. so amazing Belinda, i like also blue and orange,we have fall and so the colors are very orange, yellow and red and brown....but i like the sommer, blue sky and sea.... the blue color is gorgeous....i like them...kisses andrea

  3. Gorgeous work Belinda. Seeing this colour combo makes me think I must step outside of my comfort zone and try these two colours together...the results are just too amazing not to!


  4. Well, actually, now that you mention, I just fell in love with azure with hints of orange. ;) But what's really on my workspace is a ton of turquoise and red...I's a kick I'm on I guess!

  5. What beautiful earrings! I love the medallions and you know that orange!!!! WOW


  6. I love the color and the form!!! Congrats!!!

  7. Beautiful colour combination Belinda! I love mixing colours that you wouldn't normally put together. Turquoise and fuchsia are a favourite.

  8. Oh gosh, all those colors! It would be hard for me to choose!

  9. Kirsty, I finally caved and bought some Liver of Sulphur! I love using egg but all it works out cheaper to just use LOS :-[ Turquoise and red is divine, a wonderful combination!

    Thanks Andrea! The colours of autumn are magical, aren't they...I just love all of those warm tones.

    Karyn, it's a healthy exercise to venture outside your comfort zone from time to time...I highly recommend it ;-)

    LOL So are you an orange convert yet, Marcie? ;-) Turquoise and red is of the best combinations, I think!

    Thank you Kristen :-) I always think of you when I use orange!

    Thank you Olga!

    Lenita, turquoise and fuschia is divine...I love it! I even created an Etsy treasury based on those colours ;-)

    Lori, I know how you feel, it's hard for me to choose too...I love all colours! The more colour, the better ;-)

    Thank you Heroilda!

  10. Hi Belinda,
    deine Ohrringe sind der Wahnsinn. Absolut genial.
    A very great work, i like it.

  11. Karin, you are too kind! Thank you for your lovely words :-)

  12. I agree - cobalt and orange is such a refreshing and uplifting colour combination. You have done a beautiful job ... I can't wait to see the rest of the collection. I love the Moroccan theme! :)
    My favourite colours? difficult to choose! Yellow/gold and purple in general and.... saffron and sky blue at the moment! :)

  13. Thank you Geanina! I feel like it is taking forever to get this collection together...mostly because I can't put as much time into it every day that I would like, it's not for lack of inspiration! There is certainly an abundance of inspiration in the Moroccan theme :-) Oooh, yellow/gold and purple is so regal! Saffron and sky blue is just divine too. I'm glad that you love colour as much as I do ;-)

  14. Very pretty and wonderful beadwork!

  15. Thank you so much, Sylvia! I just popped over to your blog...your bead embroidery and thread embroidery is really beautiful! I adore the colours in Tapestry Cuff :-)

  16. gorgeous earrings!!! I love the colourful Morrocan pottery I have a few pieces myself!!! Glad you are createing again!!! and jealous!!! hoping to be doing the same myself soon! :-)

  17. Triz, isn't the Moroccan pottery just amazing! I love the bright colours and arabesque motifs :-) I hope that gorgeous boy of yours gives you a little time for creating soon!

  18. Love the earrings and the inspiration behind them. The colors are so bold and rich!

  19. Wonderful earrings!! I like your colors :)

  20. Thank you Diana! It's difficult not to be inspired by these amazing Moroccan ceramics...the colours are amazing!

    Thank you so much Nooni! I think earrings are a great excuse to play with bold colours :-)

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