Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My creative space... a riot of colour!

But then again, when ISN'T my creative space a riot of colour ;-)

In between cleaning, unpacking, and settling in to our new place in Melbourne,

I've managed to spend a few (exceedingly) late nights playing with these Moroccan motifs...

I love the versatility of this simple little design...

Eventually, it will be earrings...


And even rings...

I must be trying to wash away the Melbourne grey with all this colour.

How I am missing the West Australian sunshine!  I had forgotten how grey and cloudy Melbourne can, after day, after day...

At least the sun decided to make an appearance today so I could take some photos!


My silver and tools are still packed away in boxes.  I am itching to start up the torch and do some soldering!

This chunky beaded rope is just calling out to be finished off with some custom made silver bead caps...

See what other creative people are up to at Kootoyoo, and add your link if you'd like to play along!


  1. Such beautiful work. I absolutely love the motif as a ring - gorgeous! And welcome to Melbourne :-)

  2. Hey Belinda, I'm behind with checking news, sorry..So you're in Melbourne now, huh? For long? Right on time to join Bead Society and take classes with Marcia DeCoster..
    I regret I can't attend..
    Love the Maroccan motifs..
    Greetings from Brisi..

  3. Thanks Kelly! I'm looking forward to unpacking my soldering equipment so I can finish the ring ;-) Thank you for the warm welcome to Melbourne too!

  4. Hi Joanna, it has been a long time! How have you been? I must pop over to your blog and see what you've been up to :-) We'll be in Melbourne for a year or two, before we head back to Perth to (hopefully) settle permanently. This gypsy lifestyle isn't good for my creativity! LOL Ohh, I completely forgot that Marcia will be in town soon...I bet her classes were booked out months ago!

  5. It's wonderful to see you creating again Belinda! I love the bright bold colours. The orange, turquoise and orange look quite spectacular together.

    Are you planning on releasing patterns for this design? I'd love a ring in black!!


  6. Georgeouso (that's spanglish for gorgeous) I love your boldness with color, it never ceases to amaze me. :)

  7. Waw gorgeous ! Summer colors to me as here it
    is turning into winter :-(

  8. Hello Belinda,i am back from canada ;o).... and what i see.... so beautiful piece, i like the´s amazing... have a nice day, kisses Andrea

  9. I'm obsessed with all things Moroccan so I adore all your new concepts! Well that certainly sounds like Irish weather- welcome to grey skies, rain, rain, and more rain!!! xx

  10. so pretty! love the two blues together.
    and, welcome to melbourne! you've arrived at a good time weather~wise {except for the hayfever factor!}

  11. Beautiful beadwork!!!!!!!!!! great colours!!!

  12. Such cheerful colors! I love the design too!

  13. Those are just so yummy! Glad you have had time to bead!


  14. Thanks Karyn, it feels so good to be creating again! The only problem is that I have so many ideas for combining my beadwork with most of these pieces will remain unfinished until I can unpack my silver and tools :-{ The ring will have to wait for now! I love your idea of one in black :-) I'd love to release patterns for some of my pieces, but just finding time to create is taking priority right now!

    Thanks Marcie, bold colours seem to be my thing ;-) It's really very easy...I just pick a single colour and play around with variations in tone and bead finishes. Couldn't be easier!

    Zsazsazsu, these are certainly the colours of Summer! The warmer weather is an excuse to go bold ;-)

    Andrea, welcome back! I've missed you :-) Thank you for your kind words, as always -xo-

    Oh Lenita, I hope it doesn't really rain that much in Ireland! You certainly seem to enjoy the countryside as much as possible though. I think children force us to go outside, even if it's pouring with rain :-) I love anything Moroccan too, btw! -xo-

    Thanks Belinda :-) And thank you for the welcome to Melbourne! We're happy to be here, particularly in Spring (everyone keeps telling me how lucky we are that we didn't move here in Winter LOL)

    Thanks Heroilda! :-)

    Thanks Aleta! :-)

    Thanks Kristen, I struggle to find the time to create at the there have been many, many late nights!

  15. I love bright things!!!Wonderful!!!

  16. Hello!I think you do a really great job!Colorful and smooth shapes!I've assigned a virtual prize for you,come to pick it up whenever you want.
    Have a nice Sunday!

  17. Thank you Olga, I love bright things too :-)

    Oh how lovely, thank you Bead A Sky! It's very sweet of you to think of me :-)

  18. Did you design this or is the pattern available somewhere? I would love LOVE to make some of my own. They are just adorable. I love the bright, Morocco-ness of your colors, too. Thanks for letting me know about the pattern. SallyA

  19. Hi Sally, thanks for your lovely feedback! I can't get enough of bright, saturated colours ;-) The pattern is my own, the result of trial and error! LOL I will be sure to let you know if I do a tutorial for this design sometime in the future though :-) Thanks again!


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