Wednesday, January 12, 2011

M is for Moo and D is for Dirt

An exciting little parcel arrived in my mail box last week.

Wanna see?

My Moo MiniCards!

Aren't they sweet ♥

The front of the card features a photo of my new *Desert Flower* Ring in turquoise (but more on that later!)

The arrival of these little cards means I'm one step closer to officially launching my Etsy store.  


By the way, if anyone is interested in having some Moo cards printed, I have a voucher code which entitles you to 15% off your first order.  Send me a message if you're interested!


One thing that is apparent about selling online is that excellent photos are essential.  

So to hone my photography skills, I've been taking the camera with me everywhere, capturing photos of everyday life, at different time of the day and in different lighting, and experimenting with settings on the camera (I'm convinced you need a university degree to work the darn thing!).

A wee spider decided this rusty old bell was a good place to call home.  I have to agree.  Although I imagine it gets rather noisy when the wind blows :-{
Seems I'm not the only one with a door obsession at the moment!
I never knew it was so difficult to take decent photos of clouds until I tried!
Mother Nature creates the most exquisite shapes, don't you think...
Rust is made up of an amazing depth of tones, that only time can create...
Some of my Grandpa's old tools, probably even more charming now than when they were new...
And whilst I was busy taking happy snaps, Dirt Boy was at it again...

Boys will be boys!

Unlike last time, India decided to join in the fun.  She was happy to sit and collect stones for a while...

...until she saw Jett covered in dirt, and decided she wanted to paint a dirt moustache on her face...

One thing I've learnt is that it's difficult to hold the camera still when you're laughing your head off! LOL


A few new Moroccan-inspired creations have been churning away in the tumbler for the last few hours, so I will to have some new jewels to show you soon!


  1. I love Moo! I purchased Mini cards and business cards from them and the reaction when people see them is so cool. it's amazing how affordable something can be and how professional it can make your items look!

  2. I love Moo, too--I have mini cards that I put on the tops of my packages, and I have business cards. I use them like a mini portfolio when people ask about my work :) Your photos are looking beautiful (and your children are adorable!) Looking forward to the launch of your Etsy shop! :)

  3. I love your new cards! If you are closer to launching the site please tell me you will have tutorials on it please please please!

    Hugs to India and Jett I miss the toddler stage!

  4. Moo addict here too! Which reminds me... I need to order more!

    And I LOVE your pictures. Gorgeous.

    Now..... Mooooooo... *swoosh.... gone*

  5. I'm a moo fan too!! I use the business cards and mini cards. I love being able to pick different images for each card! Well your photography skills look pretty good to me. You've captured some wonderful shots. I bet you were busy cleaning those dirty little faces:) xx

  6. Hmmm everyone seems to know what moo is except me. Oh well... I do love your photos. Good depth of field and I like the darkness of some of them.
    And how cute are your kids???

  7. Marcie, they're great aren't they! And surprisingly affordable given the great quality. Definitely adds a professional touch, I can see why they're so popular with artisans.

    Ivy, that's a great idea to use them like a portfolio when people ask about your work! They are surely a lot more convenient to carry around than a folder of photos ;-) I can't wait to get my Etsy store officially launched much work, but so much fun! -xo-

    Awww Kristen, I wish I had the time to create tutorials but I'm just flat out trying to create enough stock right now! It's something I'd love to do down the track, but for the moment I'm just focusing on creating :-) Consider the kidlets hugged from Aunty Kristen! -xxxooo-

    Well I already know that you love Moo, A-K ;-) Yours are fab, btw! Thanks for the nice feedback on my photos too. Practice makes perfect, eh!

    Lenita, I think it's great that you have the option to choose a different photo for each card! Because the back of my card is a turquoise and white colourway, I stuck with the one image on the front. Perhaps for my next order I'll get more creative ;-) And yes, we jumped straight in the shower after the 'mud bath' LOL -xo-

    Thanks Nicole, I find it quite difficult to shoot in darker lighting so I was pleasantly surprised that some photos of these turned out ok. This is the website for Moo Cards if you're interested: They allow you to print in small quantities so they're very affordable...definitely worth checking out, my friend! -xo-

  8. Beautiful the one of your son with the dirty face. I also love your Moo cards - they are so bright and colorful.

  9. Thanks Sandi...the photo would have been nicer if Jett had had a clean face! Seems that my two little ones want to play in the dirt any chance they get LOL I'm glad you like my Moo cards, they're so much fun :-)


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