Friday, January 21, 2011

Sneak Preview: The *Desert Flower* Ring in Turquoise

There blooms a flower
in the rolling sands of the Sahara.
yet strong...
and robust.

Her petals turned skyward,
by the desert sun.
She basks,
honouring the endless blue.

The desert winds,
rugged and relentless,
and drive,
testing her tenacity,
her fortitude.

Yet she remains,
her stance is resolute,
She is unwavering in the face of adversity.
She is strong.
She is beautiful.

A ring to celebrate your beauty and your strength...

Coming to my Etsy store soon! :-)


  1. Oy, but you are a tease. Get the shop open already!

  2. It's beautiful!!!!!!!!! my favorite color!!!

  3. Gorgeous--the way you've combined bead weaving and silversmithing is so unique!

  4. Ohhhhh this is soooooo beautiful. I love the entire style of it.

  5. Kirsty, I am working like a woman possessed to get the shop open! Patience, m'dear ;-)

    Thank you Heroilda, turquoise is one of my most favourite colours too. And it goes with everything!

    Thanks Ivy! I love combining the two mediums. The beads create a lovely texture against the smooth metal :-)

    Nicole, you always know how to make me smile (and I need plenty of smiles this's been a little rough). Thanks for your support, as always it means the world to me -xo-

  6. One more gorgeous piece from you! I've already joined the team of fans impatiently waiting for your store opening! ;)
    Have a wonderful weekend! And take it easy! xoxo

  7. So beauutiful, I love it! The style, the color, the cleanness and delicacy... perfect :)

  8. Oh, Belinda - this is so so beautiful . I don t think I have seen anything similar before - the way you have combined metalwork and bead weaving is so special !
    Can't wait to see more:)

  9. Precioso,llamativo y muy original.el turquesa es tambien mi color preferido, me alegra sólo el verlo...

  10. Thanks Jana, your support means so much! Seems like every time I get closer to opening, something happens to delay it!! It will happen soon though ;-) Wishing you a wonderful weekend! -xo-

    Thank you so much for your lovely words, Moonsafari (love the name, btw!) I popped over to your blog too...your work is beautiful! I really like the way you combine your beadweaving with wire :-)

    Geanina, I hope I'm creating something unique here! There is an American artist called Kate McKinnon who combines metal clay with her beadweaving with great effect. I have lots of ideas for combining my silversmithing with my beadweaving, but some ideas have to wait until my silversmithing skills catch up ;-) LOL -xo-

    Thank you so much Celeste! I'm happy to hear how much you love my ring. I've been busy making it in different colours, as well as a smaller version (as this ring is approx 37mm wide!).

  11. gorgeous ring !
    the big round ones are my favorites

  12. Thank you Sylvia!

    Thanks Valerie, it's nice to hear that you're a fan of big round rings too ;-) My latest ring is 40mm in diameter!

  13. It most certainly is, Margie! I've just sent you a message -xo-


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