Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fanciful facets...

I have been so busy with custom orders since opening my Etsy shop, that I haven't had time to add new pieces to the shop as often as I would like...

...but as I see it, that is a very happy problem to have :-)

I did manage to add this necklace to the shop a few weeks ago though...
(and COMPLETELY forgot about mentioning it here... *oops*)

Faceted gems are finding their way into my work more often...

...including this to-die-for Sky Blue Topaz which I could not WAIT to use...
(it really is just like a droplet of the most perfect blue sky!)

I cut out a teardrop shape from the back of the pendant to let the topaz really light up...

...and one of my hand sawn Moroccan motifs sways from beneath the topaz...

I don't usually leave my jewellery with a polished finish (I think a patina brings out all the lovely details), but this necklace needed to be shiny.  

Do you prefer polished or patinated jewellery?


Speaking of faceted stones, I fell in love with this enormous 27.5 carat smoky quartz the moment I saw it...

...and I bought it even though, at that time, I had no idea how to set faceted stones!  
(Sometimes my creative visions far exceed my abilities LOL ;-) But it's an excuse to learn and challenge myself, non?!)

Anyway, about a month ago I decided it was time to use this beauty... I set about creating a bezel for it from scratch...
(because it was far too big to fit my pre-made bezel wire) know how much I love sawing ;-) ...

(and yes, I saw barefoot - doesn't everyone?!)
...add a 'bearing' to the inside of the bezel...

...and some filigree to the sides...

...and a matching filigree-adorned ring band completes it!

...big and bold...

...delightfully detailed...

...heavy and hearty...

...and it's all mine, mine, MINE! :-)

It looks top heavy and I kind of expected it to swing around on my finger,

but it's surprisingly well balanced and sits perfectly.

I think I wear it just about every time I have to leave the house :-)


More fanciful facets coming soon!

And some new jewels will be added to the shop too...

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. Love them all!!! especially the smoky quartz ring!!

  2. Beautiful pieces, both of them. Your silversmithing is just so fabulous, it has been so much fun to watch you make this transition in your work. I think you've really found your niche!

  3. Thanks Jenny! I have some more large faceted gems in my stash, so I think I need to make more rings like this for the shop ;-)

  4. Oops, missed you Kirsty...thank you, lovely! I've taken a couple of twists and turns on this creative journey but I think you're right, I just may have found my niche with metal :-) It just kinda feels right...and I love every minute of it! -xo-

  5. They're beautiful amiga! I really like the big, chunky ring. (I have a thing for big chunky rings!) Great job and I can't wait to see what you do next!

  6. Love those gorgeous faceted gems...that blue topaz is awesome but the ring you made with the smoky topaz is just, well, stunning. The embellishments on the ring are perfect. Thanks for sharing your steps in creating the bezel...I haven't set any faceted gems because I wasn't quite sure how to do make it look easier than I expected.

  7. Thanks Marcie! I love big chunky rings too :-) Although with the rising cost of silver, I'm trying to make smaller, more delicate rings too LOL

    Thank you so much, Sandi :-D I love the filigree components that I used on the smoky quartz ring...I use them in my work quite often! I'm chuffed to hear that I make setting faceted gems look easy...that is a lovely compliment :-D I know that you could do amazing things with faceted gems...I do hope you'll try it ;-)

  8. Hi B I sure have missed you. Your art seems so flawless. Your spirit in ever piece.

  9. love all of them but that ring with the filigree on the sides.... oh my... STUNNING!!!!

  10. Nicole, I have missed is so great to hear from you, my friend! Thanks for your kind words and your beautiful spirit, as always -xo-

    Thank you Triz :-) I'm definitely going to be making some more of these filigree rings! It certainly makes a statement ;-)

  11. Your work is gorgeous! I love how tall the bezels are. That Smokey Quartz ring is fabulous with the filigree. Don't you just love the sultriness of smokey quartz?

  12. Oh my goodness, what luminous goodies you have!!!
    that drop necklace is so wonderful - :)


  13. So loving the topaz and quartz pieces!!! I had bought a whole load of faceted gems when I first started out silver work...still haven't really attempted to set them though. Basically cuz I don't have the brain power to attempt it..kinda lazy like that!! But like others have said, you do make it look easy :)

  14. Thanks Catherine! I love tall bezels too :-) They leave plenty of room for embellishment! And yes, I don't think there is any gem quite as sultry as smoky quartz ;-)

    Gosh, thank you so much Allison! Luminous is the perfect word to describe the Sky Blue is divinely beautiful! -xo-

    Emma, there is something so lovely about faceted gems...I can absolutely understand why you bought a whole load of them when you started smithing ;-) And don't be silly, you DEFINITELY have the brain power to attempt it! Seeing your silver work, I know you would create something amazing with faceted gems. Grab yourself of a copy of 'Creative Stonesetting' by John Cogswell, and jump straight in! ;-)

  15. Oh, Belinda! I seriously just had a massive cases of the lusts. I lusted for the necklace, for the gems, and for that RING!!!! SO pretty!

  16. Thank you so much, Brandi! I have a serious case of the lusts too - for faceted gems! I blame my husband though...he introduced me to the joys (read: perils!) of Ebay!! -xo-

  17. I love the necklace very much which is so flawless with its beauty.lovely work.Well done!!!


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