Monday, April 18, 2011

Jewellery for little girls...

Today I finished some personalised jewellery sets I started working on a few weeks ago for some adorable little girls...

Turtles for Maddi, and lilies for Kodi...

...every little girl needs jewellery with her name on it, doesn't she!

I even managed to get India to model for me...

...although trying to get her to stand still for more than 1.25 seconds was like mission impossible...

...until I realised that Easter eggs make excellent bribery... does the promise of a turtle necklace of her very own...

Spoilt much!!


My workbench has been busy with custom orders, including a bejewelled version of my *Koutoubia* Necklace and a matching ring...

I wear the original necklace ALL the time, but I never did get around to making any for the shop...

so I'm thrilled that a lovely lady has asked me to make this set for her!

And funnily enough, a photo of my *Koutoubia* Necklace was published in the latest issue of Art Jewelry magazine along with a letter I wrote to the editor...

What a lovely surprise!

I hope your week is full of lovely surprises too :-D


  1. That is so cool that your letter and piece made it into the magazine!! And the pieces for little girls turned out fabulous!

  2. They are just the most adorable bracelets and necklaces and I especially love the model:)
    It's amazing what the promise of chocolate can make them do!!

  3. The bracelets and necklaces are so beautiful, they are perfect for the girls!

  4. Aaawwwhhhh those are so adorable. It is OK to spoil your kids with love and jewelry LOL
    Congrats on the publication too. You deserve it.

  5. The designs for the little girls are adorable. Loved the Koutoubia necklace - can't wait to see the jeweled one.

  6. Thanks Amy! Art Jewelry is one of my favourite magazines, so it was lovely to see my letter and necklace published there :-)

    Lenita, I think I need to have chocolate on hand more often when India is modelling for me! She's more interested in making funny faces at the camera than posing...she cannot sit still! LOL

    Thank you so much, Anna! I do hope that the gorgeous little girls love their jewellery :-) They are special presents for the girls for Easter!

    Nicole, I's ok to spoil your kids with chocolate and jewellery :-) LOL Thanks for the congrats - it was rather exciting to see my name in print!

    Thanks Sandi :-) I'm really enjoying making a bejewelled version of my Koutoubia Necklace. So much so that I think I need to make more for the shop!

    Thank you Heroilda! :-)))

  7. Congratulations on the media recognition AND the beautiful jewellery pieces. LOVE the turtles!



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  9. Wonderful work.Great pieces which is just adorning to little girls who have a great affinity towards such pretty jewelries.Lovely necklaces and bracelets.Well done!!!

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