Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My creative space...

Oh, rubies...!

I have been trying to pinpoint exactly what it is about these gems that has me so enamoured...

At first I thought it must be because they are a perfect, lush shade of raspberry...ripe and ready for the picking!

But I have come to the conclusion that it is because these gems have a PRESENCE...

...they command that you sit up and pay them every ounce of your attention!

And so, a gemstone so regal deserves a noble home...

The *Lalla* Earrings...

The term 'Lalla' is Moroccan for 'Lady'.  It is used as an honorific title when referring to female members of the Moroccan Royal Family.

Regal, non?

And what better accompaniment to rubies than cornflower blue sapphires from Ceylon...

Jewels fit for a princess...

...and designed to make you FEEL like a princess!

And may I just add, that I never, EVER in my wildest dreams imagined that I would one day be working with rubies and sapphires.


I am both humbled and giddy like a schoolgirl!


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  1. Beautiful earrings! Fit for a princess indeed!

  2. they are really beautiful! must be fun and a bit intimidating at the same time.
    lovely design :)

  3. ahhhhh Rubies.... I love the ceylon sapphires too... my engagement ring is a ceylon sapphire!
    You've done such a great job with both of these stones Belinda :)

  4. ...and I would say "Ooh Lalla"...gorgeous earrings.

  5. Very beautiful. And I think you are on to something with that 'raspberry' reference. Even the word raspberry is luxurious! x

  6. Thanks Amy! This was my first pair of stud earrings...and certainly not my last!! ;-)

    Belinda, yes it was just a little intimidating! These aren't top quality gemstones, but even so...RUBIES AND SAPPHIRES!!! ;-)

    Oooh Kath, how special to have a Ceylon sapphire in your engagement ring! They are just so beautiful :-)

    LOL Thanks Sandi! Ooh lalla, indeed ;-)

  7. Whoops, missed you Maxabella! Yes, nothing beats a raspberry for lushness and luxury ;-) I adore anything that is this delicious shade of red...but particularly rubies :-D -xo-

  8. wow they look stunning! You have such a talent in your designs.

  9. You're a princess! Love them :o)

  10. Awww, thanks Lou! I certainly love creating...I hope that shows in my work -xo-

    Thanks Jo! ♥

    LOL Well Tess, my husband DOES treat me like a princess ;-) And you, my friend, are going to feel (and look!) like a princess very soon!! I think I'm more excited about your wedding than I was about the Royal wedding! LOL :o)

  11. OOOOOMMMMGGGGGG!!! I was reading your post and thinking of a ruby ring that Mike gave to me 30 years ago and how right you are about rubies demanding attention. The as I scrolled down there are these earring you made and they are to live for!!! B these are exquisite!!!
    I am so glad you found your medium.

  12. Oh, how I love rubies. The color, the rarity... it's such an amazing stone. And wow, look at what you've done with it - those earrings are so incredible!

  13. From one ruby girl to another, you have paid a worthy homage to this remarkable gem!

  14. I am also such a huge fan of Rubies and Sapphires...sigh...I LOVE what you have made with them :) They are really beautiful Bellinda!

  15. They are BREATHTAKING! I'm not big into fancy earrings, I'm the kind of girl wearing plastic fish dangling around my face. But these are just perfect!

  16. I love those colours together. Very pretty!

  17. Wow, it's so pretty and beautiful.I love this cute earring.Lovely work.

  18. Very very very pretty earrings for a Fairy princess!!! Rubies and sapphires are amazing and those colours together are matching up perfectly!!! and i loooove this cornflower,so pretty! I really like your work, you are very talented and creative !!! I'm following you! ;o)

  19. The semi precious stones look very beautiful when designed together.The colors and the creations steal my hear.Love love love them.


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