Friday, May 20, 2011

Slow and fast...

The days are growing steadily shorter here in Melbourne,
(as the veil of night draws longer, in turn)

and the air carries the unmistakable breath of Winter.

There is a distinct calm about this time of the year

as Mother Natures idles and wanes.

The wind has abated to a barely audibly whisper...

I walk the footpaths near home

and there is silence,

a hush that only comes with the winding down of Autumn

and the welcoming in of Winter.


And yet I find myself hurried.


Greeting the crisp evenings with a flurry of energy and a warm cup of coffee.
(my studio is in the back part of the house...a wall of louvered windows behind me leaves the thinnest veil between me and the cold night air!  Coffee is REQUIRED!!!)

Long, late nights.

Just me,

and metal,

and flame...

(and the moon, when the night sky is bare of cloud :-) )

Here's a little of what my hands have made recently...

A hollow form pendant, formed by hand from sterling silver sheet and wire...

Chrysoprase and filigree...

I find Moroccan mosaic endlessly inspiring,

masterful art of colour and pattern... 

Traditionally, they are designed to inspire 




The *Treasures of the Souk* Earrings in Lemon 

Sterling silver and delicious lemon quartz onion briolettes

And finally, a custom order...

Sterling silver and a beautiful faceted red ruby...

...and you all know how much I love rubies!


There is also another new necklace to be listed,

and custom orders to be filled...

I foresee many, many late nights ahead!

I do like greeting the new day under the light of the moon, though :-)


Whether your week is slow,

or fast,

I hope that it is wonderful 

and full of wonder!


  1. I love all your recent metalwork creations, but I also love your posts - how you make autumn and winter sound so enticing :)

  2. Beautiful reflections, Belinda! Looking forward to much warmer temperatures, endless days and seas of lovely flowing blossoms here on the opposite side of the globe :) ~Sheree

  3. Even your words are beautiful...very poetic...and I love your new work.

  4. Thanks Pam :-) I wish I could say that I like Winter, but I'm really not a cold weather person after living in Perth...I desperately miss the endless blue sky and sunny days!!! We will be coming back to live there permanently at the first chance we get ;-)

    I've always been somewhat of a 'nature girl' Sheree, so I enjoy watching the changing of the seasons :-) This time of the year, between Autumn and Winter, is a lovely time for reflection. Enjoy the lead-up to Summer on your side of the world! I'd be happy for you to send a little sunshine my way ;-)

    Thanks Sandi, sometimes the words flow easily :-) I have been so busy with work lately, it is nice to just take some time out to reflect!

  5. Beautiful words and beautiful jewelry!

  6. Thank you Therese! Thank you Jenny! :-D

  7. Wow, what a fabulous creations.I love your works which is so beautiful and outstanding.Once again you rock.

  8. Gorgeous pieces Belinda! I absolutely love this time of year...I am a cold weather person and if every day was like it is today (Clear blue skies, crisp and breezy) I would be a happy woman! It's the perfect kind of weather to work at the bench :)

  9. Wow, beautiful work.So creative.I love those earrings and rings which is so attractive.Great job.

  10. It is stylish and fashionable in look.
    Hope to see more stylish and fashionable jewelry of your collection.

  11. I look forward to visiting your blog again. Thank you for sharing with us!

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