Saturday, October 15, 2011

Just because...

...he loves me,

he bought me a fan-dangly new camera...

A Canon EOS 550D, no less!

Oh husband, how I love thee ♥

Anthony is notorious for the best 'just because I love you' gifts,

but he outdid even himself with this one.

Now I understand why all the cool people have a Canon...
(including her, and her, and her)

They are unbelievably good!

So, I've been having fun re-shooting some pieces that have been sitting around in my shop...

New photo of my *Drop of Desert Sky* Necklace
The *Drop of Desert Sky* Necklace
{ SOLD - thank you!}

The *Petite Desert Flower Ring* in Tangerine
The *Petite Desert Flower* Ring in Tangerine
Available here

The *Moroccan Trinkets* Necklace
The *Moroccan Trinkets* Necklace
Available here

The Canon has also been great for shooting some new custom orders,

including this lovely Twilight Topaz and filigree ring...

Twilight Topaz and Filigree Ring

Twilight Topaz and Filigree Ring

Twilight Topaz and Filigree Ring

...this all black version of my *Safi* Earrings...

*Safi* Earrings in Black

*Safi* Earrings in Black

*Safi* Earrings in Black

...and my *Mosaique* Necklace, newly embellished with pebbles of 9 carat gold at the request of a lovely lady...

The *Mosaique* Necklace

The *Mosaique* Necklace

The *Mosaique* Necklace


The camera was also a blessing for October 7...

our daughter's birthday...

Birthday 9


I cannot believe our baby girl is four!

I will never forget the first moment I saw her,

I gasped because she was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen.

And she grows more beautiful with every passing year...

India's 4th birthday

The hula hoop was a big hit...

she danced and twirled for hours...

India's 4th birthday

India's 4th birthday

...only stopping to ride her new scooter...

]India's 4th birthday

It's a Tinkerbell scooter,



And when the new toys had been thoroughly broken in,

my budding chef helped me to decorate her own birthday cupcakes,

complete with sprinkles and princess decorations...

Birthday 2

What more could a little princess ask for!


I'm looking forward to sharing the culmination of my giveaway prizes with you soon as well...

they are coming together beautifully...

Stay tuned!


Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend, my friends!

Don't forget to smile :-)


  1. You are so sweet Belinda....thank you for being who you are :)
    ...your husband is not bad ;)

    And Happy Birthday for your gorgeous little angel!!!

  2. LOL Jenny! I'm lucky to have a husband who makes it his hobby to spoil me ♥

    And thanks for the birthday wishes for India! She had such a great day, which meant that we all did ♥ Four is such a fun age!


  3. Awww I loved it when Elli was four ~ the time goes so fast and now you have a wonderful camera to help you capture these moments!!

    Now I have to tell Ian to buy me a canon so I can be cool too!! ;0P

  4. Belinda, What a wonderful husband you have to give such great just because gifts. Happy Birthday to your little one.

  5. Does this mean I'm not one of a the cool people because I have a Nikon?

  6. Jo, I really love this age...such fun! And yes, the new camera definitely comes in handy for capturing these special moments :-) x

    Therese, thank you for the birthday wishes for India! I can't quite believe that she is four already...seems like she was a baby only yesterday. October is certainly the month for Grandpa (Indie's great-Grandpa) turned 89 today :-)

    Jaime, you don't need a camera to be are cool just the way you are ;-) x

  7. what a lovely "just because" gift from anthony!

    and: how sweet, your wee india with her toys and cupcakes....


  8. What a sweet gift and your pictures are is your little one...looks like she had a great birthday. October is a wonderful month for dad, my brother, my grandfather...all within a week of each other.

  9. Marie, Anthony gives the best 'just because' gifts...he is always surprising me! India has a major obsession with cupcakes at the moment. The pinker and girlier, the better! :-) -xxx-

    Sandi, I'm glad you like the photos...the new camera certainly helps! Wow, that is a lot of birthdays to celebrate within a week of each other! We have at least four family members who celebrate their birthdays one day after another...and my Dad and Grandad shared the exact same birthday LOL :-) Hope you and yours are well! x

  10. gorgeous photos from a wonderful gift :)
    positively beautiful!

  11. Awh!
    The jewelry is so gorgeous! pretty and feminine I love those pieces and I'll be sure to check out more stuff from Sophie! she paid a great deal of attention to the packaging which I really love.

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  12. Congrats on the new camara, Belinda! :) Your pictures look great!

    Your daughter looks so happy and sweet! :)

    p.s: I llllloved to find that I'! :D Thank you!!! xx


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