Monday, October 31, 2011

The simple things in life...

are always the best, are they not?

My children give me sweet, simple moments daily to tuck away into my memory banks and cherish forever...

(they *love* washing the dishes together...and I love that they love it!)

The simple pleasure of a day spent enjoying the sun,

relishing the feeling of sand between my toes...

Coral Toes
(with lovely new coral polish, to boot!)

...watching Anthony kayaking with Jett...

Kayaking with Daddy

Kayaking with Daddy

Kayaking with Daddy

...snatching a daydream or two in a peaceful moment...



...teaching India how to reel in a fish,

and smile for the camera...


...which is *very* serious business...


And simple jewels made with heart and thought...

Blog Giveaway Jewels

my blog giveaway jewels!

Custom made for four very special ladies in different corners of the globe...

Blog Giveaway Jewels

For Noemi,
garnets and ruby...

Noemi's Pendant

For Sharon,

Sharon's Prehnite Ring

For Heather,

Heather's Amethyst Ring

For Jenny,

Jenny's Apatite Pendant

Jenny's Apatite Pendant

Simple and sentimental,

with a wish for four women that their dreams may come true...


What simple pleasures are you relishing this week...?


  1. Jett is going to be upset with you for showing his bum to the world. LOL
    The day seems so peaceful.

  2. Beautiful pictures along with beautiful jewels. I love the first picture of your little ones washing dishes cute.

  3. maybe if my sister and i had shared a stepstool, we would not have fought like cats and dogs while doing the dishes....! [we can laugh about it now, years later....]

    sweet photos throughout the post!


  4. LOLOLOLOL Nicole, no doubt! Just don't tell him that I'm saving it for his 21st birthday too ;-) And yes, it was the most peaceful day...just what we all needed :-) Miss you! -xxxooo-

    Sandi, it really warms my heart to watch them washing the dishes together...they love it! It's a shame that Jett seems to have an aversion to clothes LOL :-) Hope you and yours are well! -xxx-

    LOL Marie, our two certainly have their moments but are surprisingly good at sharing. Maybe it's because they're boy/girl they're less competitive with each other. Glad you and your sister can laugh about it now :-) -xxx-

  5. That first picture is just precious! A certain little girl here has the exact same aversion to clothes, it has been known to happen when she visits other houses too!!

  6. Lenita, that is so funny! :-) Jett takes his clothes off at every opportunity...just as well the weather here is finally warming up! -xxx-

  7. O you are a lucky woman for sure and I am so happy there is happiness in your world.

  8. Excellent training - the sooner they can do the dishes the better ;) Beautiful pics, great to see you and your lovely family having such wonderful moments and that you are taking the time to enjoy them. And absolutely delicious jewellery pieces, as always!

  9. Aw your little ones are soo cute! Jett kind of reminds me of Heath Ledger.... Wow those jewels are lovely, lucky ladies!

  10. Sweet pics.
    It is so great seeing you enjoying life!

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