Monday, February 9, 2009

The Colour Blue...

Wow, is this pregnancy flying along. I'll be hitting the halfway mark next Monday. We had our 19 week ultrasound today which was very exciting.

All is good in Babyland...'Nemo', as bub has been affectionately known since day one ('IT' just doesn't roll with me, I need the baby to have an identity), is absolutely perfect and healthy with everything in the right place. All that us parents can ask for, really :)

And did we find out the gender? You betcha!


I'm thrilled to announce that we are having a bouncing baby...


*cue confetti and fanfare*

We couldn't be happier. My husband *knew* from day one that 'Nemo' was a boy, but I've changed my mind more times than I've changed my daughter's nappies in the last 16 months (that's a lot, trust me).

But let me just say that there was NO mistaking that our little man is, in fact, a little man ;-)


Now, bring on the blue shopping!


  1. Oh big congratulations to you... as you know I have a little man and they are a heap of fun... I thought I wanted a girl so I could buy all the pretty stuff... but you know... the boys stuff is fun too... just not pink lol.

    Let me know if you need anything as I have a tonne of boys stuff... its just sitting stored away until next time... most of it was only worn a few times so is in good condition :)

  2. Thank you Karyn, we're so excited! We feel so very lucky to have one of each :D We can't wait to meet our little man and we're sure India can't wait to have a little brother to play with :)

    Awww, you're soooo sweet to offer some of your boys stuff! We had a bit of fun doing some 'blue' shopping today. We're hoping to re-use a lot of Indie's neutral clothes. Because she's only 16 months, we still have everything else ie. change table, cot, etc. It's nice to buy a few new things for our little man though ;)

  3. Oh my gosh!! Welcome to the wonderful world of sons!! I have three of them and they're the treasures of my life. Congratulations!! And I'm SO excited everything is as it should be. So very proud of you my dear friend and thanks so much for the wonderful news!♥ (psst, with all that kicking are we looking at a football player perhaps? *winks)

  4. Thank you so much Sharon! We couldn't be happier :D The main thing is that we have a healthy baby, but it's so very exciting to find out that we're expecting a little boy! And yes, perhaps he WILL be a football player with all that kicking going on LOL Looks like I'm going to have my hands full! :)

  5. A footballer or a dancer! ;)

  6. Yes Julie, I think he is going to be VERY active, just like his big sister ;) hehe


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