Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Wind Dancer

When I was researching the humble hummingbird for this piece, I came across many stories of love and romance associated with these 'flying jewels'. One story I found particularly touching was an Apache myth about a young warrior named Wind Dancer. He could not hear, but he sang enchanting, wordless songs which brought fine weather and good health to those who heard him.

One day, he came across a young woman called Bright Rain who was being attacked by wolves. He rescued her and they fell in love. Shortly afterwards, Wind Dancer was attempting to rescue someone else and was tragically killed :(

His death heralded a terrible, bitter Winter which threatened the lives of many. The bitterly cold weather only ceased when Bright Rain started taking long solitary walks. Tribal elders discovered that her beloved Wind Dancer had been reborn in the form of a hummingbird, and appeared to her in fields of spring flowers. He would whisper magical secrets in her ear, and this brought her peace and joy.

After reading this touching story, Wind Dancer seemed an appropriate name for this piece. I'm always a sucker for a good lurve story :)

Hummingbird detail:
Fabric backing:
Clasp detail:

As you can see, after all my umming and arring, I went with a very simple clasp. Anything more would have been too OTT (over the top), me thinks.

So, one UFO (UnFinished Object) bites the dust...now onto the next one. Stay tuned!


  1. I haven't checked out your blog yet. So sorry I haven't done so yet. I love the wip photos of this latest piece. Gorgeous work. I'm off to read what else it is you've been blogging about. ;-)

  2. Wind Dancer is very beautiful and the story is beautiful too

  3. LOL Don't apologise, Heather! I really appreciate you taking the time to stop by my blog :) Thanks for the lovely comments!

    Thank you, Anna! I found Wind Dancer's story very touching also, it seemed an appropriate name for this piece :)

  4. I love the story & it's such a great name for this beautiful necklace. I like the clasp too.

  5. °O° wooow! really wonderfull!
    I haven't worlds...anche perchè non so parlare inglese!(I don't speak English) sorry!
    ma complimenti, sei bravissima!
    ciao! :-D

  6. My first thoughts were WOW!!! Then after reading the story behind the name I am honestly profoundly moved. This name could not be more fitting of such a beautiful piece and all the hard work which went into it. I can't help but imagine it in a gallery with the moving story printed next to it.

    Please (wish I could underline this) consider submitting this beautiful piece. Your work leaves me in awe and breath-taken.♥

  7. Thank you Sarah! After reading the beautiful story about Wind Dancer, I couldn't really call this piece anything else :)

    Dona, thank you for the compliments! I don't speak Italian but I get the general idea ;) LOL

    Sharon, you're faaaaar too kind, as always! Thanks to you, I finally got around to finishing this piece. Without our little UFO pact, it would still be a semi-finished hummingbird in the middle of a blank piece of felt! So thank you for motivating me! *hugs*

  8. Oh Belinda, thank you so much but you know I can't take any credit for this wonderful idea! I'm just SO delighted to see you working on these incredibly gorgeous pieces (darn that underline and bolding, why won't they work in comments)!

  9. Bins, this is a breathtaking piece, it is just how I imagine you to be in a way. Like a beautiful bird going from flower to flower, getting the honey. Beautiful work, I reall like where you are heading.
    PS congrats on Nemo being a boy, that is just awesome.

  10. Bianca, a heartfelt thank you...your comments always mean so much to me :)

  11. oh Belinda ... I know I commented about this piece when you posted it on the Beading Forum ... but this piece is just so gorgeous I just have to comment again. Wind Dancer has a beautiful story behind it and I love love love this piece.

  12. wow....wonderful!!

  13. Очень красиво! Восторг!!!


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