Thursday, January 28, 2010


The weekly challenge on the Beading Forum this week is 'Czarina'. Naturally, I had to enter! The word immediately conjured images of Russian royalty, decked out in glorious gold and regal purple.

Here is my interpretation...I have named her 'Alexandra', after the last Tsaritsa of Russia:

The curved components are created with herringbone and peyote stitch, and they are strung between glass pearls and glass teardrops:

I have always been a fan of wire wrapping, but have never ventured into that arena myself...until now! I am determined that 2010 is the year to learn, so I dug out my copy of Rachel Nelson-Smith's 'Seed Bead Fusion' (great book, cool chick) and made my first wire wrapped clasp using her easy-to-follow instructions. And here is the result:

The clasp is made with 20 gauge wire and wrapped with 32 gauge wire. I even made all of my own jumprings! (Funny how you start seeing everything as a possible mandrel when you begin wireworking... LOL) Here is a closer look (don't laugh, it was my first attempt at wire wrapping!):

Thanks for looking, and be well!


  1. Wauw!!!!!!!!!! Very beautiful!!!!

  2. Very nice and royal.
    Keep up a great work!

  3. Thank you so much Eveline and Joanna! :) It was a pleasure to make, as always ;)

  4. Шикарно! Просто потрясающе!

  5. It's absolutely amazing! Congratulations!!!

  6. Hi Belinda, I don't know where I have been to have missed this piece on your blog. Ohhh head in the clouds I guess.LOL! This is amazing and takes me away to Russia as well. Thank you for your sweet spirit and loving words to me.


  7. Hello Belinda,today i see your very nice necklace.... it´s amazing... also the colour... greetings andrea

  8. Thanks Nicole...and I usually have my head in the clouds too ;-) LOL

    Thanks for dropping by, Andrea! :-)

  9. Ah, you've been at it again, creating magic with beads and wire! Love the design of this piece and the enchanting colors you chose! I also love the wire wrapping in the clasp - beautiful!

  10. Congratulations! I like your creations very much! Great beadwork!:)

  11. Thank you Karen!

    Aww schux, you're too kind Sharon! I dream of the day that I can create wirework as beautiful as yours ;-)

    Thank you so much Monika!


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