Monday, March 1, 2010

Cerulean Sunset is something I have obsessed about from an early age. And it is often where I draw inspiration when beading.

The dynamic and clashy combination of cobalt and orange has been haunting me for a few weeks now. I couldn't stop thinking about it. I started other projects, but my mind kept wandering back to cobalt and orange. I had to create something. And 'Cerulean Sunset' was it.

We are treated to the most beautiful sunsets here in Western Australia. I never tire of watching the sun set over the water, Mother Nature always puts on the most glorious show. I wanted to capture a little of that magic in this necklace...the last arc of tangerine sun gleaming on the horizon, and the cerulean sky above fading into twilight...

I knew that getting the colour proportions just right was the key to the success of this piece. I hope I've nailed it.

It is a weighty necklace...the large cobalt fire-polished beads are 10mm across. Almost a whole strand went into this necklace!

For me, this piece was also as much about the negative space as the positive. The space between, as they say...

This is a detail photo of the reverse side of the can be worn either way, depending on whether you like your orange BRIGHT or BRIGHTER ;-)

The clasp, in my usual style, is a continuation of the rest of the design:

There is so much fun in colour. I admire beadweavers such as Margie Deeb, Marcia DeCoster and Rachel Nelson-Smith for their fearless approach to using colour. When I grow up, I want to be just like them ;-)

Inject a little colour into your own bold, be brave! And don't forget to have FUN :-)

Thanks for looking, and be well!


  1. Hello Belinda,this is a very amaaaaaaaaaaaazing necklace... i like this colours ;o).... it´s beautiful that is so large.....and a very nice name for this wonderful necklace... wow... super!! kind regards andrea

  2. Hello Belinda!
    This necklace is very beautiful!!! I like the colours and the lovely design!!!
    Kind regards

  3. Hello my dear! Your work is wonderful! Wonderful! Soon I will have time to try to do something like that. Of course I'll have much difficulty. lol. Kisses

  4. Thank you Andrea! Your comments are lovely :-) I'm glad you like the colours! This was a fun necklace to make in every way :-)

    Thanks Csikimama!

    Eveline, I'm so glad you like the colours and the design! I know it's not to everyone's taste, but I wanted to try something different ;-)

    Thanks Irene! You should definitely try it, what do you have to lose ;-) It really is a lot of fun to use colour in such a bold way. Quite liberating :-) Just pull out your colour wheel, and go for it!

  5. Very, very beautiful necklace, I love it so much!

  6. Thank you Anna! I'm glad you love was lots of fun to make :-)

  7. Hi Belinda. You nailed it alright. I love the matt blue beads. Also anything with orange in it and I am there. Beautifully executed. It is a piece of confidence. Love it.


  8. Oh Belinda, very nice necklace.
    BOld choice of colors, but really good. Great job!

  9. Thanks Nicole :-) I love orange too, it's such a happy colour!

    Joanna, thanks for the nice comments! It's fun to use really bold colours once in a while ;-)

  10. Nailed it, hmm, needled it more like :). This is exactly what i see at night, just before the sun goes down. Very tropical and uplifting, Belinda. You inspire me to grab some other colours than the natural tones I usually reach for.

  11. Thanks Bianca, I'm happy to inspire you to break out those coloured beads...have fun with it! My two year old daughter has a fearless approach to colour when it comes to crayons and drawing, so I'm just following her lead ;-) LOL

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  13. Hi Bili, I will put your blog on my list. Thanks for visiting :)

  14. I think you "nailed" the proportions of color! Congratulation for such bravery to use the PURE , saturated versions of the complementary pair blue and orange. Just don't wear it on Project Runway!

    author of "The Beader's Color Palette" and "The Beader's Guide to Color"

  15. Thanks Margie! It was a brave leap for me, but I thoroughly enjoyed it :-) And no, I certainly won't be wearing it anywhere near Project Runway! ;-) LOL


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