Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My creative space...

During my recent online travels, I came across Kirsty's blog.  Apart from creating cool stuff, taking gorgeous photos, and writing an interesting blog, Kirsty hosts 'My Creative Space'.

Every Thursday, artists and crafters from all over the world amalgamate on Kirsty's blog to show off what they're working on.  It's all a bit of fun, who doesn't love a sneak peek!  And I want to be part of it.  

So here is 'My Creative Space' today:

Now, usually I don't like to show you what I'm working on because (a) it may turn out to be a dud design, or (b) I may never get around to finishing it.  But by showing you a preview, I'm forced into (a) turning it into a success design, and (b) finishing it!  Win-win!

Pop on over to Kirsty's blog to see what other artists are creating today...

Be well!


  1. Ohh I love this idea Belinda... thanks for posting this as I think I might take part too - what fun and what a great way to inspire us to finish our pieces. It might even inspire me to keep my space a little tidier as at the moment I have 3 projects on the go with vials of seeds..umm... everywhere on the table!

    Your flower looks gorgeous - is it a daffodil? Can't wait to see the finished piece.

    Karyn ♥

  2. Wow, the daffodil is sooooooo beautiful!!! I hope you find enough time to finish your work.

  3. It was such a treat to be greeted by these bright colors first thing this morning~ Your stitching is perfection and I look forward to seeing this beauty again when you finish it.

  4. It's a great idea, Karyn...and great motivation to finish those WIPs! ;-) Yup, it's a them!

    Thanks Eveline! I will find time to finish it ;-)

    Thanks Chicken Willow!

    Julz, I love bright colours first thing in the morning...or any time of the day, for that matter. The more colour, the better! ;-)

    Thanks Craftymoose!

  5. I never worry about your bead art turning out. It is always beautiful, well executed, and profession.
    Love this summery piece.


  6. You're too kind, Nicole! I love the Summery colours of this piece too...I'm always drawn to using saturated colours. The brighter, the better! B. -xo-

  7. Can't wait to see the finished work of this Belinda, I just adore the colors you've chosen! Will be off to check out the blog now.
    Hugs for a wonderful week ahead♥♥

  8. Thanks Sharon! I just love green and yellow, so bright and cheerful :-) I wish you a wonderful, creative week! -xo-


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