Tuesday, March 9, 2010

From Bead Soup to Bracelet

I'm constantly amazed by the versatility of beads.  They can be manipulated into any look that your mind can devise and your hands can create.  They can be uniform, or they can be organic...they can be precise, or they can be natural.

I find the natural, organic look of freeform beadweaving so appealing, but it is not something which comes naturally to me.  In fact, it makes me feel rather uneasy.  My brain seems to skip the 'free' and instead focus on the 'form'.  How can something that looks so natural, feel so UNnatural?

Having recently acquired the informative, inspiring and visually stunning 'Beaded Colorways' by Beverly Ash Gilbert, I set off on a journey of free-spirited discovery.  I enjoy pushing my creative buttons whenever possible, and this exercise pushed them unmercilessly!  My orderly brain fought the randomness every step of the way, but I got there in the end.  

I began with a pile of warm, earthy bead soup:

And ended up with a bracelet...'Whisper of Autumn':


Thanks for looking, and be well!


  1. Wonderful transformation and display!

  2. Wow..beautiful and beautiful colors,I love it so much!

  3. Ohhh Belinda, this bracelet is gorgious!!! I like it very much!

  4. Hej Belinda,wow what... very nice color... i like green with orange...amazing ;o)greetings andrea

  5. Very nice. Got to admit, bead soups overwhelm me and I'm even more amazed how nicely you came up with this bracelet..And with fall coming, it's just perfect.
    Great job.

  6. Thank you Eva! It's nice to start with a pile of beads and transform it into something wearable :-)

    Anna, I love the colours too...it has just become Autumn here in Australia, so these colours are everywhere!

    Thank you Monika, I'm so glad you like it!

    I love green and orange too, Andrea...actually, I love most colours! LOL ;-)

    Thanks Joanna! The bead soup was lots of fun to create, and I have quite a lot leftover so I may just make something else with it :-)

  7. I love this Belinda. I recently bought the Colorways book and what delicious book it is!

    I have to admit I do look at her "bead soup" and think my seedies are too precious to empty into a pile like that and that I don't have enough beads! When I start running out of a particular seedie I don't empty them into one big container like a few of my beadie friends do to purposely make "soup"... I just think I can order more of them to top them up!

    Anyway your bracelet is gorgeous ♥

  8. Thanks Karyn! This was the first time I had made a 'bead soup, and it was lots of fun :-) I hadn't thought of making bead soups from vials of beads which had nearly run out...that's a great idea! I hope to see some freeform pieces from you soon...it's great to push ourselves in a different direction every now and then ;-)

  9. Oh this is lovely Belinda and I can surely relate to how you felt and what you went though. I've struggled with same issues and it's always such a challenge to break free. Your final outcome is stunning and you've done a wonderful, wonderful job!!

  10. Thanks Sharon! You're so sweet :-) If nothing else, it is satisfying to push those boundaries once in a while ;-)

  11. Love the color combo! You just made me want to try bead weaving. Is there any way to fit more than 24 hours in a day?

  12. Hi Becca! I wish I knew a way to cram more hours into the day...let me know if you find a way, ok! ;-) Thanks for stopping by, I'm touched that I made you want to try beadweaving. I say go for it! You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain :-)


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