Saturday, April 24, 2010

The 6th Photo

My good friend, Nicole, invited me to participate in a fun little game called 'The 6th Photo'.

I have to show the 6th photo that I ever posted here on my blog, and critique it...what would I do differently, how could I improve it, etc, etc.


Here goes:

Eek, it's my first EVER attempt at bead embroidery!  Little did I know, that this piece was the catalyst for an enduring love affair with the technique.  I created this piece, 'Phoenician Scarab', for a 'Phoenician' challenge on the Beading Forum.

What would I do differently if I had my time again with this piece?  I would use better quality seed beads!  I have rarely worn this necklace, but the cheap silver-lined gold seed beads are looking rather ugly now.  The silver lining is turning black!  Lesson learnt, and now I only use the best quality Czech and Japanese seed beads ;-)  Aside from the cheap seed beads, I'm still rather happy with the design.  It's bright and bold...just my style!

Thanks for the trip down memory lane, Nicole!  Feel free to play along and critique your own sixth blog photo...make sure you leave a comment so I can come and take a look!

Thanks for looking, and be well!


  1. That's a nice design! First I thought it was a thunderbird. Bright and bold colors. Beautiful!

  2. LOL A thunderbird! Yes, it almost looks like a thunderbird ;-) Apparently the Phoenicians copied styles from various other cultures, particularly the that was where I drew my inspiration from. Thanks for the lovely comments, Kokopelli!

  3. I like your necklace--it has a very Egyptian look to it! I also learned the same lesson about using cheaper beads--especially with all the hours you put into a piece!

  4. Hello Belinda,i like this ....amazing necklace,I think also this necklace has a Egyptian look design... it has very nice colors...I think you have done a great work... kisses and greetings Andrea

  5. Yes, I won't make that mistake again! I had only been beading for a few months when I created this piece, so I didn't really know any better. Now I do! LOL

    Thanks Andrea! I love the bright colours too. This whole piece started with the scarab bead which I'd had for years. I've always been inspired by Egyptian design!

  6. what a great idea...reflecting back on previous work is probably something we rarely do!!!
    Love this necklace!

  7. Thanks Julz! It is a great idea, I'm glad Nicole gave me the nudge I needed to look back at where it all started for me ;-) I still have a soft spot for this necklace...maybe one day I'll replace all of the cheap silver-lined seedies with good quality ones! LOL


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