Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Dream of Fair Women

All has been quiet on the blog-front lately, but I have been beading like a madwoman behind the scenes.  My latest couple of projects have been secret squirrel business, so I haven't been able to show them...until now!

The latest challenge on the Beading Forum was to create a bracelet to swap with a randomly assigned partner...and the theme was 'Inspired by Art'.

I ached and agonised over which artwork to draw my inspiration from, but in the end I settled on 'A Dream of Fair Women' by Emma Florence Harrison.  The Art Nouveau movement has always been a favourite of mine and an endless source of inspiration.

The vibrancy of the red poppies really stood out to me, so I decided to make them the focus of my 'Poppy Bracelet':

To offset the flatness of the herringbone bracelet band, I created three dimensional poppies and leaves.  The flower stalks move too!

My swap partner is the lovely and very talented Lyn of Beads on the Run.  I hope she likes her bracelet, it's a little more subtle than my usual bold style but I tried to make something I thought she would wear.  Not everyone has such outrageous taste as I do ;-) hehe  

I can't wait to see what Lyn has created for me.  Her work is always beautiful and perfectly crafted.  I will post pictures when her bracelet arrives.  And in the meantime, you can find me hiding in the bushes stalking my postman...

Thanks for looking and be well!


  1. You have definitely done your inspiration photo justice. The bracelet is gorgeous and I love that the flower stems move. Fantastic!

  2. Hi belinda. This is just beautiful. Full of summer flair and how can anyone go wrong with red flowers? If your partner doesn't like the bracelet you can send it to me. LOL ha ha ha.

  3. Your bracelet is gorgeous! So full of dimension and movement! Your swap partner will love it!

  4. Thanks Juls! I love dimension and movement in my beadwork, I'm a very tactile person. So the poppies had to really 'POP'! LOL

    Nicole, my lovely swap partner said she wore her bracelet all day yesterday, so I guess she likes it :-) Sorry! LOL

    Thanks Craftymoose! I love the 3d aspect of the poppies, I guess dimension is just part of my style ;-)

    Thank you LCdeB, I'm so glad you love it! :-D

  5. I REALLY like this- the addition of the poppies, well, it is inspired! Oh, and Nicole (Beadwright) sent me...

  6. Thanks for stopping by, Aryd'ell! Nicole is a sweetheart for sending you :-) I'm so glad you like my poppy bracelet!


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