Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My creative space...

Wow, Thursday again...already?!

Last Thursday's creative space necklace and earrings set is finished and winging its way to its new owner as we speak.  But more of that in another post. 

Time to peek inside my studio to see what I'm working on today...

This custom order began with bead soups I mixed together in shades of white, emerald, aquamarine and sapphire (to represent the birthstone colours for the months of March, May, June and September...a sweet sentiment, don't you think!)...

The aforementioned bead soups are being woven into a beautiful freeform bracelet:

I love these serene, tranquil...

To see what other artisans are creating today, head on over to Kirsty's blog.

Thanks for looking, and be well!


  1. Awesome colours. Especially the greens

  2. Oh, the bracelet is ready yet! And I just wanted to ask if I can come over and eat some bead soup with you. ;-) Beautiful colors! I can hear the waves rolling up the beach.

  3. I colori fanno pensare al mare...molto bello.

  4. beautiful colors, reminds the ocean....

  5. Oh wonderful bracelet, very beautiful color!

  6. This is amazing! The color blends are awesome!

  7. you're right, the colours are gorgeous!
    it's looking very pretty in your space :)

  8. Thanks Katy, I think my favourite mix would be the greens too ;-)

    LOL Kokopelli! Yes, everyone loves a good bead soup, huh ;-) They look good enough to eat!

    Thank you Carmy, I agree about the colours suggesting the sea. I love them!

    Barbarix, I'm glad you like the colours, they are definitely reminiscent of the ocean.

    Thank you Mandy!

    Thanks for stopping by, Anna...I'm so glad you like my bracelet :-)

    Kristen, I was very lucky that the birthstone colours for the months requested go together so beautifully...I couldn't have picked a better mix of colours myself!

    Thank you so much, Gretchen :-)

  9. I love freeform. This piece is absolutely fabulous!!!

  10. Thanks Olga! Freeform isn't something which comes naturally to me...but I'm a convert thanks for Beverly Ash Gilbert's book 'Beaded Colorways'. So beautiful and so inspiring :-)


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