Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Victoriana Pendant

It has been some time since I have played with wire...

Having been inspired by the likes of Iza Malczyk, Magdalena Borejko and Emily Gray, (who are all creators of the most exquisite wire jewellery you will ever see!) I decided to get back to wire this week and learn some new techniques.

I want my jewellery to (one day!) be a successful fusion of beadwork and wirework...

...I have so many ideas for combining the two mediums but, alas, my wirework skills still leave much to be desired.  So more learning is required!

I have mentioned previously that I don't like tutorials...but this week I bought two!  One from Iza and one from Emi Kaz on the Jewelry Lessons website.  Emi's tutorial was for a 3-D Layer Vine Ring, but I set out to create a pendant instead.  I really just wanted to learn how to create those gorgeous, swirling, organic-looking vines that I so admire in the work of the aforementioned artists.

Not wanting to dig into my stash of sterling silver wire, I opted for copper to practice with.  A few hours later, and my 'Victoriana' pendant was born...

It's far from perfect, and I need to practice, practice, practice a LOT more...but I learnt so much from creating this pendant.  I used Emi's tute for the central wire-wrapped briolette, and the rest of the pendant was made up as I went along.  As always!

The pendant measures 62mm x 26mm...

Everyone else has gone to bed, so I am off to do some beading (my fingers are sore from all that wirework!)

Thanks for looking, and be well!


  1. Wow. Beautiful. I've been playing around with wire lately also, but I'm with you, it's tough and it makes my fingers hurt. I've finally gotten to where I'm not bleeding when I'm done! Congrats, the pendant is beautiful and thanks for the links to the tutorials. I bought a wire working magazine at the store the other day and I think i'm gonna play around with it a little. I just definitely need to purchase the right tools. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  2. O my gosh, it's simply beautiful. I admire all your works, and I love wirework, also because I'm a goat with plyers!!!!
    My big compliments, Chiara

  3. You've done a marvellous job Belinda. I take my hat off to anyone that can create wire pieces as wire and I seriously do not get along...actually I think it might be more a matter of my hands and the tools.

    Love your pendant - it is very feminine!


  4. Marcie, wire is definitely hard on your hands when you are used to beads and thread! The possibilities of combining the two mediums are endless though, so I'm going to persevere through the pain until I'm happy with the result ;-) I'm so glad the links have inspired you...happy creating!

    Thank you so much, Chiara...and I had a good chuckle about your 'goat with pliers' comment! LOL :-)

    Thanks Karyn! I still need a LOT more practice, particularly with hiding those pesky little ends that seem to want to stick out :-) If I can combine my beadwork with my wirework (when it is good enough!), I'll be very happy...I love the thought of creating something which is handmade from start to finish, including all of the findings and the clasp :-)

  5. Belinda, Beautiful Wirework. Love the copper with the turquoise too. You're multi-talented :)

  6. Thank you so much, Pam! I do love the copper/turquoise combination too, but I'm really itching to dig into my stash of sterling silver wire...I haven't been game to use it until my wireworking skills improve. I have some fine silver wire coming in the mail, so I'm looking forward to doing some fusing at some point!

  7. Wow, this pendant is gorgeous! You are very talented and I am very inspired after looking through your blog. Connie

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