Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The 'Idylle' Necklace in Olive

The relief I feel, when a large project is completed, is immense!  

Relief that an unfinished project is no longer hanging around on my desk (in its proper place, mind you)...

Relief that I can now move on to the next exciting project without getting a case of the 'UFO guilts' (that is, feeling guilty for the number of UnFinished Objects lying around on said desk)...

So whilst sitting back and enjoying this lovely feeling of relief, I can finally show you photos of my completed 'Idylle' necklace in an olive colourway.  You may recall seeing me working on it here and here.  (And you can find the original 'Idylle' necklace in the lilac colourway here.)

(French for 'romance')

I used the most delicious matte metallic rainbow turquoise/light green delicas for the main body of the necklace.  Depending on the light, they exhibit shades of olive and denim and yellow...and they perfectly compliment the gorgeous light green Swarovski crystal pearls...

For this variation of the Idylle necklace, I used flat spiral stitch ropes rather than St Petersburg chain as in the original version.  Beautiful 3mm cream Swarovski pearls are sprinkled throughout the ropes, and I have finished the necklace with my unique floral toggle clasp...

As always, I have made the reverse side of the necklace as pretty as the front...

Thanks for looking, and be well!


  1. so, so pretty!!! and love the reverse side too!!!

  2. Oh, it´s great!!!! Beautiful work!!!!

  3. Stunning! It should be on the red carpet! Ok I would prefer it on my neck ;)

  4. Absolutely beautiful Belinda! Your work is awesome. Of course it would look a lot better on my neck, tee hee. Have a great day, time for me to clean house. Take care.

  5. amazing Belinda.What´s a great work.... rapturous applause... kisses andrea

  6. Gorgeous Belinda.. especially like the flat spiral rope.

  7. Wow! It looks amazing! I wouldn't be able to choose which side I should wear. Both are fantastic! Even the rope is unique. Tons of congrats!!!
    LUV Niki

  8. Thank you Triz!

    Thanks Eveline :-)

    Thank you so much Mimi!

    Kristen, I don't know if it's sparkly enough for the red carpet...but it's a little over-the-top for doing the grocery shopping somewhere in between would be perfect ;-) LOL

    Thanks Gloria! I hope you got your cleaning over with quickly so you can get back to creating asap :-)

    Thank you so much Andrea!

    Pastiche, it was the first time I had tried a flat spiral rope! I was inspired to try it after receiving Laura McCabe's new book 'Embellished Beadweaving' in the mail a few weeks is a wonderful stitch and very versatile, I look forward to using it again!

    Niki, you're so sweet...thank you ♥ I guess you could wear this necklace either side, it is pretty enough on the reverse side, so there's no reason why not! ;-)

  9. oh! is a beautiful necklace, I could not have imagined that is so delicate and beautiful.
    It is a real delight for the senses

  10. Sooo beautiful! Actually this is my favourite!:)

  11. Thank you Monica! I can't decide whether I prefer the olive or lilac colourway...they are both quite different!


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