Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My creative space...

If you have ever read... will know that everything has it's proper place!

At any given moment, I have an average of four to five different projects on the go, so it's essential that each project has its proper place.  

Here's my solution...each project has its own handy little container which holds all of the beads, metals and materials, together with the work-in-progress...

I get bored easily so it's nice be able to flit back and forth between projects...

My new daffodil project has been coming along nicely, although it has been pushed aside for now while I wait on some supplies to arrive...

So today I have been working on the olive variation of my Idylle necklace.  It's coming along nicely...

I love the negative space created between the beaded components...

Head on over to Kirsty's blog to see what other artisans are creating today.

Thanks for looking, and be well!


  1. Thanks Chrissie! It makes my life easier to have some sort of order ;-) LOL

  2. If those wicked little projects would just walk back on their own into those plastic containers. *lol* I think I'm not Little Miss Neat, but Big Mrs Chaos.

  3. loving the colours of the new one belinda

  4. LOL Kokopelli, I'm not Little Miss Neat when it comes to most things...but my studio would be chaotic without some neatness!

    Thanks Shona :-) I want to buy some of the new lavender Swaro pearls...they look gorgeous and I think would also work well in this design!

  5. Love the colors and negative space too! I am not either Miss Neat or Big Mrs Chaos I guess I am some where in the middle (I guess I just cant make up my mind)

  6. Thanks Kristen, I hope to have the necklace finished in the next week :-) I think somewhere in between neat and chaos is just right ;-) LOL

  7. i am in a point in my life where some organization would do me with sanity. i made organization buckets for my creative wed.!

  8. I love your buckets, Angelina...what a great idea! And cute, to boot! ;-)

  9. Hey I love this. I do know you get board easily so that must be why you have to be so organized. LoL. I am home now and will write you tomorrow. I am very tired.

  10. LOL Yes Nicole, I have to be organised with the amount of projects I have on the go at any one time...else my studio would look like a bead bomb had gone off! LOL I'm so happy you're home...make sure that Mike takes good care of you, my friend :-) B. -xo-

  11. I like your style and this design is wonderful :-) "Baci" from Italy


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