Thursday, May 6, 2010

Song of the Seasons

Unfortunately I have a house full of sick children, so I was unable to participate in this week's 'My Creative Space' over at Kirsty's blog.  Rest assured I am working on many new pieces (when I'm not busy wiping runny noses or giving cuddles or watching Mickey Mouse reruns over and over and over....).  There will be lots to see soon, promise!

But this is what I can show you.  Last Thursday's 'My Creative Space' was a peek at a custom order for a freeform bracelet in shades of white, emerald, aquamarine and sapphire.  Well, she is finished...and I have named her 'Song of the Seasons'.

The colours each represent a birthstone colour...aquamarine for March, emerald for May, pearl for June, and sapphire for September...

It was such a joy to create this bracelet, the freeform flowed so easily.  

For one who was once afraid of freeform, I am now an official convert thanks to Beverly Ash Gilbert and her inspiring book 'Beaded Colorways'.  The book was a starting point for me to wander off on my own path of discovery, to develop my own style of freeform beadweaving and colour transitions.

Thanks for looking, and be well!


  1. You have officially overcome any trepidation about freeform, and this is sooo lovely!

  2. Song of the Seasons is very beautiful!!
    A big hugs your children!

  3. Thanks Mandy :-)

    LOL Gypsy, yes I think I can now say that I love freeform ;-)

    Thanks Anna! And thank you for the hugs for the kids ♥

  4. Hej Belinda,very nice name for this wonderful bracelt... i have ordered the book, i think also it inspirid me and i can do also a beautiful bracelet... i like the colors.. hugs and kisses Andrea

  5. Andrea, it's a fantastic book and I'm sure you will love it! I can't wait to see what you create ;-) B. -xo-

  6. Marvellous colours together! I love this bracelet again! It looks so soft and silky! Love, N.

  7. Thanks Niki for the gorgeous comments ♥ I really enjoyed creating this bracelet...I want to create something on a much larger scale now! B. -xo-

  8. Hey Belinda this is just beautiful. I expect nothing less of you anyway. Sorry the kids are still sick.

  9. Thanks Nicole, it's nice that you expect great things from me! I do try hard!! LOL The kids are on the mend thankfully ;-)

    Thanks Olga! :-)


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