Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ophelia earrings

I love creating earrings.  

They are a small enough project to provide almost instant gratification.

They give me the opportunity to test colourways, metals and materials on a small scale before commiting to a larger and more time-consuming project.

Oh, and I love wearing them too :-)

My 'Ophelia' earrings are one of my latest designs...

In shades of olive and sage, with antiqued brass findings and chain, they have a decidedly vintage look to them...just the look I was aiming for!

Ophelia was a character in Shakespeare's 'Hamlet', and the subject of a number of paintings by John William Waterhouse...the name seemed just right for my romantic, vintage-look earrings...

There is a matching 'Ophelia' bracelet and necklace to come.  And the set will form part of a future collection that I have planned.  Stay tuned!

Thanks for looking, and be well!


  1. Gorgeous B. You capture the essence of your projects so well. What a talent you are.

  2. Thanks Ange, I do try ;-) I'm obsessed with all things vintage at the moment...and I'm a hopeless romantic! ♥

  3. I love them Belinda. You do such wonderful pieces :)

  4. Thanks Melissa, I'm glad you like them :-)

  5. Ooo a whole set I can't wait to see them and your color are perfect! :)

  6. They are absolutely awesome! Although I don't wear earings I would love Ophelia a lot :)

  7. Beautiful earrings! And the perfect name!

  8. Thank you Kristen, I loooove these shades of green :-) I've worn these earrings often since making them, and they go with so many outfits!

    Thanks Niki for the lovely comments! B. -xo-

    Thank you Kokopelli...I always struggle to find a fitting name, but this one seemed just right :-)


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