Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Nicole's Necklace

Anyone who has the pleasure of knowing Nicole Campanella is aware that she is one of the loveliest, most generous and most genuine people around.  Not to mentioned talented!  She is a constant source of inspiration for me, and I feel blessed to call her a very close friend.

Nicole's birthday was on April 27 and to help her celebrate, I made her this sweet little necklace:

I wanted to send Nicole a little piece of sunshine to help brighten her day :-)

If you haven't already, pop on over and say 'hi' to Nicole!


  1. I saw the necklace on her blog already and loved it from that minute. The colors make me happy! :-)

  2. Thanks Olga!

    Kokopelli, I'm so glad the colours make you happy too...I love bright, cheerful colours :-)

  3. Belinda, that is gorg-e-mous! What a lucky lady Nicole is and what a sweet friend you are. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I saw the necklace on Nicole's blog--it's stunning and I know it made her so happy!

  5. Belinda,this necklace is amazing.... the colors... give a feeling from summer - sunshine, so nice.....greetings and kisses Andrea

  6. Thanks Juls, it's a pleasure to share...I'm always nervous about whether people will like my work though! LOL :-P

    Craftymoose, I'm so glad that it made Nicole's the very least I could do for her :-)

    Thanks Andrea, I'm happy that it reminds you of summer and sunshine...that was just the effect I was after ;) Hugs, B.

  7. You are such a sweetheart and a joy in my life.
    I am home now.

  8. Likewise Nicole! Welcome home ♥


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