Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The *Marrakech* Cuff

It feels as though I've been working on this cuff for weeks...

...and then I realised that I HAVE been working on this cuff for weeks!

What a relief that it is finally finished...

and I'm so happy with the final result...

The *Marrakech* Cuff

It is exactly as I had envisaged... I love it when that happens!

The clasp is so pretty that it can be worn on top of the wrist...

I'm just crazy about the negative space...

Actually, that's what this cuff is ALL about...

...a beautiful balance of positive and negative space...

I wore it all day today, to see if it's a piece that I could include in my *Moroccan Odyssey* Collection...despite the fact that terracotta looks rather blah on my fair skin...

...and the verdict is a resounding 'yes'!  

It's comfy, it's lightweight (but packs a visual punch)...and it's just a little bit chic.

I think I can forgive this cuff for being so time consuming to create (did I mention each 'X' shape is stitched individually, then they are all stitched together?  Uh...yup)...

...because it's just begging to be made in vibrant cobalt, scintillating chocolate, and tempting turquoise...

What do you think?  

I'd love to hear your verdict on my cuff!


  1. That is exactly how I felt when I finished Cool Geometry! Oh my gosh I swear we're like bead twins. I LOVE the negative space. That's so what I was trying to acheive with that cuff and you captured it so well with this! AMAZING bead buddy!

  2. OMG!!! You have so done it again!!! I love this piece! I bet it feels like wearing lace without the itch! LLLLLOOOOOVVVVVEEEEE IT!!!!!


  3. Wow, Belinda, that is stunning! I love the negative space, it makes it so airy and delicate but still makes such a statement. You're right, it is screaming to exist in other colors, too!

    I appreciate all the hard work that goes into executing an intricate piece like this. Truly beautiful job. :)


  4. Gorgeous! I agree it needs to be made in every colour under the rainbow! And that clasp is beautiful, well done.

  5. Absolutely gorgeous Belinda. Your beadwork is impeccably neat as always.

    I l♥ve the design and have to agree that the negative space looks great. It looks very comfortable and if you are making more I will have one in deep brown and turquioise :D hee hee



  6. It's just beautiful Belinda. Such great work. Elegant!

  7. This is just sooo beautiful! Time well spent I would say!

  8. Beautiful work Belinda! I can't imagine the patience that goes into beaded work. I seriously doubt I would have enough!!

  9. Wow! This is great! Even more than great! It's magnificent!!!
    Love, Niki

  10. Marcie, I'm so happy that you're as crazy about negative space as I am! There is so much potential in creating beautiful negative space within a piece but, more often than not, it is forgotten about. Thanks for your support, it always means so much to me -xo-

    Kristen, I think I will use your phrase in the description 'feels like lace but without the itch'! LOL Love it! :D

    Lisa, you know how to make me smile...I truly appreciate your thoughtful words and encouragement. Thank you!

    Thanks Heroilda, as always :-)

    Kirsty, I'm just itching to create this cuff in other colours...and even multiple colours at once ;-)

    Hehe Thanks Karyn :-D I have some deep chocolate brown luster beads that are just begging to be made into one of these cuffs ;-)

    Thanks Gloria! :-)

    Siret, thank you so much!

    Lenita, perhaps I should rename this the *Patience* cuff because it took a great deal of patience to create! I thought my head would explode from the monotony of all those tiny 'X' shapes...but I look at the end result and it was worth it ;-)

    Thanks Niki, you're too kind! -xo-

  11. Hmmm I love this cuff and I love it on you. It doesn't look bla at all. I am one of your first followers and for some reason you are not showing up on my list when you post.
    Sorry this is late.

  12. Nicole, I'm so glad you love my cuff...your feedback always means so much to me ♥

  13. I absolutely love this bracelet! I'm a young beader and your work is such an inspiration. Just looking at your pieces makes me want to bead that much more.
    I was wondering if you know any good information online about starting and finishing pieces. I always have knots showing here and there, and I would love to learn how to do it properly.
    Once again, your work is beautiful!


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