Thursday, September 23, 2010

My creative space...

Lady Spring has been blessing us with glorious sunshine, warm breezes and the eruption of wildflowers that Western Australia is renowned for.  

The scent of renewal and awakening drifts through the open windows in the house, and my mind swirls with endless ideas and inspiration.  

So many ideas...

I have been dreaming of ways to combine metal and beads...

...the lure of metal is irresistible... haunts my dreams, distracts me, delights me...

...and I feel the only cure is to create!


 But alas, my metal must wait...

Our move from Perth to Melbourne in less than a week away,

so with all but a few of my beads, tools and notions packed away, weaving a few components is all I can manage...

...just playing with ideas...

...and new concepts, based on old ones...

...they won't be completed until after our move to Melbourne, but my hands cannot remain if packing boxes isn't keeping them busy enough!


Now that my *Marrakech* Cuff is completed, of course I have to make another one... turquoise AND orange...

...I just love colour, I can't help myself...

...I try to enjoy using neutrals and browns and blacks...

...but colour is what really makes me happy :-)


What does your creative space look like today?


  1. thought about doing My Creative Space this week, but right now it's a pile of seeds and stones, gorgeous, but a mess...:) I love your components. I'm a huge fan of component beading, it takes longer I think, but it's gorgeous. Great job!

  2. I think Kirsty is on holidays this week, so there isn't an 'official' My Creative Space where you can post a link to your blog...but you should definitely join in the fun, Marcie! I'd love to see what you're working on :-D And speaking of mess, did you check out my last photo...! LOL I have loose threads everywhere so the darn things keep getting tangled together. I love component beading too...once you have the first component design figured out, the rest seem to work up fairly quickly! Less design time = more creating! ;-)

  3. B your space always looks so clean and organized. Mine is a master mess. Well only to the untrained eye LOL. When I create I pull beads out that I know I want to work with. Then I think, "ohhh that bead in the big cabinet in the third box from the left will great in this." So I pull that box out. This goes on all during my project until I have boxes of beads EVERYWHERE! I love it!!
    Your pieces look wonderful.
    P.S. sign up for my giveaway.

  4. My creative space is full of boxes --- craft show this weekend!

  5. Nicole, it's really not that organised, trust me! Although, I must confess that I can't stand mixing up all of the different beads that I have they are usually in their own neat little pile :-P OCD anyone?! LOL Off to have a look at your giveaway now -xo-

    Ooh, have a great time at the craft show, Lori! Hope it's lots of fun and you have lots of sales :-D

  6. I am loving your little components - especially the brown ones! Loving the cuff too, such vibrant, rich colours.

    I can't believe your move is less than a week away now! I hope it all goes smoothly and isn't too exhausting for you all. Travelling with the kids can be tough too so I hope it all goes well.


  7. They look amazing! Good luck for the big move, we lived in Melbourne for about a year- awesome city.

  8. Oh yeah you are an artist even with limited supplies on hand! You know I am loving the turquoise and orange combo!


  9. Love the turquoise and orange cuff! :-)

  10. Wow, Belinda! Even with most everything packed away, you've managed to keep yourself busy. :) I love the flower components, especially the brown one with the faceted teal beads. Love, love, LOVE! Your cuff colors are stunning! Those complementary colors are perfect and the finished product will be gorgeous!

    My creative space this week is in the middle of our kitchen island. It's much easier here right now with a 2 year old running around than trying to get anything accomplished in my bead room. Thank goodness they are so portable!

  11. Karyn, I did think of you when I was weaving the brown components ;-) hehe Thanks for your lovely comments, as always! We hope the move will go will certainly be an adventure!

    Thanks Lou! Oh, I didn't know you lived in Melbourne for a cool! It's a very vibrant city with a huge arts and craft movement, so it will be fun to live there for a few years :-)

    Kristen, it's amazing what one can create with just a handful of beads ;-) And I was definitely thinking of you when I started stitching the turquoise and orange cuff!

    Thanks Elizabeth, I'm so glad you like it! :-)

    Oh yes Lisa, the challenges of beading with little ones running around! Your kitchen island sounds like the perfect place to create ;-) I just love the portability of beads! Thanks for your lovely comments and support -xo-

  12. How wonderfully neat and tidy you are Belinda, I wish I could say I was likewise, but I seem to work perfectly well in my messy studio!! xx

  13. Belinda .. oh glorious glorious!!! Can't believe you are in the midst of packing and still producing these remarkable lovelies. I love love those petite flowers of yours. How do you do them. And the new colors for the Marrakesh cuff is PERFECT!!!! lOVE love love!!!


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