Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Neither coming, nor going...

One would call it a state of flux...

...and that's where I'm at right now.

Most of my tools and beads are packed away in anticipation of our move interstate in two weeks time.

So my Muse has gone into hibernation, saving her energy for a burst of creativity once we're settled into our new home.

Which leaves me feeling like I'm neither coming, nor going....


However, just because my tools are packed away, doesn't mean I can't read...

...and learn...

...and dream...

Looks like Smallus Handus is at it again!

...and use my credit card to buy pretty things... ;-)

Gorgeous clay cabochons and beads from the lovely Natalie at Peruzi.  Just watch what I do with these beauties!

Hey, I may as well enjoy myself while I'm hanging in limbo!

Waiting, and waiting, and waiting...


I did manage to give my Muse a little nudge last night so I could finish my Moroccan-inspired cuff...I've been working on it on and off for the last few weeks.  Now it's finally finished!  Photos to come later...

I love the clasp...a bit of tweaking, and it would make a great pendant...

Here's hoping the next two weeks fly...

...let's get this show on the road already!


  1. I enjoy reading your posts, Belinda! Those cabochons look gorgeous indeed and I can't wait to see the finished cuff! Have a smooth relocation!!

  2. Thanks Geanina, I enjoy writing them ;-) Natalie's cabochons are beautiful, and excellent quality...I'm really looking forward to creating something special with them as soon as we're settled into our new home!

  3. Oh I so can't wait to see what you do with those cabs! Oh that sweet Smallus Handus again, next time you catch it kiss it for me! I know moving is hard but you will be glad once it is done!


  4. Aren't they gorgeous, Kristen! I can't do anything with them until we move unfortunately...all the more reason to get this move over and done with asap!! I'll be sure to give Smallus Handus a sweet little kiss for you ;-) hehe ♥ B. -xo-

  5. Lovely lovely cabochons Belinda! Great finds- Cant wait to see what you make with them. Im sure it will be spectacular!

  6. Thanks Mary! They're even more gorgeous in person :-) I hope I can do them justice...I'm really excited about working with them!

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  8. Hi Belinda! Your cabs from Peruzi are beautiful! I too can not wait to see what you make! I never heard of Peruzi's till now..what a great site.

    Have fun moving..it's such joy!

  9. Hi Helene! Yes, the Peruzi cabs are really beautiful...Natalie does an amazing job of creating them :-) I cannot wait to use them! Thanks for your thoughts on our big move, it's less than a week away now so it's getting very exciting!


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